14th May 2016, The day that changed my life. 

14th May 2016 at 9:46Am weighing in at 6lb 14oz Jake Darren Skinner was born. 

Thank god for pain relief right ladies? 

People go through all kinds of pain, surgery, tattoos, piercings. But nothing can compare or get you ready for the birth of your first child. I had a plan in place thought it was going to go smooth, as I deserved it well I had rough pregnancy with Jake, to which he will be hearing about it when he is older… well it would be a nice embarrassing story to chase the girls away😉. 

I went through my pregnancy thinking it was difficult the carrying, the morning sickness, the aches and pains. But that was easy. I got the advantage to having fortnightly scans after my 20 week scan, they call it the ‘anomaly’ scan. The scan where you find out if your little bean or peanut as some people may refer to is a boy or girl. 

Anyway I won’t bore you with the in’s and outs of what it is… they told me that Jake’s weight was a bit on the little side I thought it was a bad omen where as my due date was 13th May 2016. That was the day I got induced as Jake was suppose to have been so ‘small’. 

Anyway that was day one and it was just the beginning😊. 

Keep reading if you want to know what a mum’s life is like. 👩‍👦


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  1. My sisters birthday is May 14th too but shes 16 now! I love this post so much,he’s such a little cutie!xx


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