2017. New year, New start.

So 34 weeks have past since I gave birth to my little boy, got to say being a parent is not easy but so worth the while. Everyone has been painting this pretty little picture of when your babies get to 6 months old they should have a sleeping pattern, a regular routine etc. Well mine I should have called Damien because he does not want to sleep during the night. 

The funny thing is though you get all the advice but half of the advice is coming from people that have just become parents. I just want to shake them and say your child is brand new and you’re giving me advice on sleeping patterns how? Is that so bad to even be thinking that?😂. 

Anyway as I said 34 weeks has passed, Christmas has passed and about of 20 Christmas presents I would say maybe more has passed. 

 Jake has also learned how to blow raspberries, babble, loves to dance!, caught a ‘fake’ cough off of nanna But Jake has learned a new trick today as I was casually watching tv I looked over to see if Jake was okay and he was standing up with help of his cot of course but yes we have hit a massive milestone! He can stand but he can’t exactly crawl that well… doesn’t make sense to me!🙄  But the face says it all… Mr mischief.