34 Weeks old 

About Jake. 

34 Weeks old; Jake is trying pineapple for the first time and has cut two bottom teeth. ​yay!😀 He’s tried many of foods and the process of weening is still taking place and he still has milk of course. 

​Jake’s favourite foods are:

  • Mango 
  • Melon 
  • Cucumber 
  • Purée roast dinner 
  • Purée bologneise
  • Petit filous yoghurts
  • Rich tea biscuit 

 He’s still on purée food jars aswell as his solids as he can’t quite grasp the chewing yet. He is also blowing raspberries all the time. 

Not too sure why though?🤔 I guess it’s just his way of saying he doesn’t like the programme on tv he’s watching😂. 

​He has also started to babble a lot more with his speech and sometimes I’m really sure he’s trying to say something. 🤔. ​

But one of jakes mains strengths is he loves to dance and laugh! His favourite song to dance to is ‘panda by designer’. ​

I’m just going to blame the family for that one”😂 

Here’s three pictures to get to know Jake

He’s cheeky⬇️

He’s always smiling

And he loves his uncle ⬇️


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