They say ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ but my pictures of my son well there’s not enough words to explain how lucky I am to be his mum. 

To see how my little baby that was in tiny baby clothes went from this; 

To this⬇️

And now this⬇️

Is truly mind blowing. People said to me when Jake was born don’t blink because he won’t be that tiny forever and it’s so true because I really feel like everytime I look at him he’s becoming more and more grown up. He’s already trying to be ‘mr independent’ by wanting to do things his way for example if you are on the iPad then it is no longer yours because you will have to give in and put baby tv on and if he doesn’t get his own way well… I think we all know what happens here😂🙄. 

I still remember the first time I took Jake swimming he was 12 weeks old, his auntie charlie came along of course… it was his first dip! He was still small at 12 weeks old and couldn’t fit in the ring properly 😂

So yes I will capture and cherish every moment with my boy as I know that this will more than likely be the only chance I get to see a tiny person grow. 💙


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