5 things I miss about pregnancy and 5 things I dont miss! 

5 things I miss about being pregnant!;

  • Feeling the kicks; Even though half of the time it was Jake’s foot just booting me in the side of my stomach 😂
  • Naps; Being able to sleep and not being called ‘lazy’ or asking if I could do the washing etc yeah that was my fav!
  • My slim face!; When I was pregnant with Jake my face became really slim I’m not too sure why but yes I deffo missed that! 
  • Eating!; I think it’s safe to say on behalf of everyone that being able to eat however much as you like without moaning about ‘being too fat’ or ‘I need to loose weight’ was a bonus.
  • Gender clothes shopping!; Once I found out I was having a boy which I was totally not ready for the boy part!, thanks to the ‘wives tales’ I was adamant on having a girl. So when it came to boy clothes shopping that was tricky but even though he’s 8 months now I still buy him loads of clothes! 😂

5 things I DONT miss about being pregnant

People don’t mention one of these but with me this was a big issue🙄.

  • Sneezing!; now you’re probably thinking why sneezing? Why would that be on the list? That’s odd? But when you sneeze and pee whilst pregnant it’s not so pretty! Especially if you’re out in town shopping. Uh oh! 
  • Morning sickness!; Now one of my worst fears is being sick physically and I was lucky enough to have it the whole way throughout my pregnancy and during labour! Was not a pretty site I have to say😂
  • The emotional rollercoaster; Crying for no reason or crying because someone ate one of your cravings that you simply wrote your name on! 
  • People; So I use to work in retail and all the time people would say to me “good luck, you’re going to need it” or “that’ll be all your pennies gone” 

yeah my customers were lovely🙄

  • Sleeping during the night; So sleeping during the night use to be abit of an issue for me as Jake was a night time baby and would only come alive during the night so trying to get an early night in was very eventful as halfway through the night I would be woken up by a lovely foot!😂👶🏻

Anyway there’s my 5 things I miss and don’t miss… what’s yours?