Self insecurites.

Now you’re probably thinking wait?.. thought this was a parenting blog yes it is as my self insecurities happen to be my stretch marks. 

I manage to get my ‘tiger stripes’ as some people like to call them, ‘tiger stripes’ being a nicer term for stretch marks whilst I was pregnant with my first born and only son Jake. They appeared on my legs before I was pregnant due to ‘being overweight’ at one stage, But then I gained a whole new batch on my arms, and worst of all my tummy. Some people they’re proud of their stripes but to me I see myself in a different light, Even though I gained myself an amazing son my self esteem did take a turn for the worse. But suddenly One day everything just hit me in the face and I just woke up and thought to myself! 

They are your tattoo’s, Your proof of showing everyone that you’ve grown an amazing human being that I call my son. You shouldn’t be ashamed of them since they are a part of you and you earned them and should wear them with pride! 

So my advice to people out there even if they haven’t had a child and have stretch marks still wear them with pride and hold your head up high because someone will always love you with or without them and my someone happens to be my family and son! 💙


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