January 14th 2017; 8 months old! 

So Jake is 8 months old now and has two bottom teeth through!, go Jake! 😬

I’m so glad to be telling everyone that Jake has two teeth through as we have all been waiting since he was 3 months old! I know some may say that’s really early for a baby to teeth but yes he really was 3 months when started to teeth which put a strain on myself as the sleepless nights became even more sleepless as I didn’t sleep through the night because everytime I tried to nod off Jake would wake up in so much pain and would hurt me to see him pain!.

So since he’s had his two bottom teeth I’ve been brushing them everyday. “Want them to be nice and sparkly!😂” and also been giving Jake other foods such as carrots, cucumber, apple he even had a cracker from the Chinese! But he’s still dribbling and constantly eating his fists so I’m guessing he has a top tooth coming through😱. 

All these milestones hard to keep up!.


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