How I deal with being a single mother. 

How do I deal with being a single parent? I don’t. I get up, get on with it and i face everything head on no matter what the day has in store for me good or bad I face it. But I never face it alone as I don’t have to because my son Jake is always there for my good or bad days. 

But most importantly looking after yourself is a still a big must because if you don’t look after you, then how will you look after your child? Still with great difficulty of course but if you’re lucky enough like me to have amazing parents/grandparents for your child then you have hit the jackpot as spending quality time with yourself and your child is important but it’s also as much important to the grandparents as after all they have been waiting for the day of their son/daughter becoming a mother/father for a long time. 

Also your child may need you, But more than anything at that time of need it’s you that will need them the most, they will be the ones to cheer you up on your bad days and bring you back to life. If on days I think oh I really cannot handle Jake I leave him in his cot for 5 minutes maybe less I then go back to him after a bottle has been made by this time I’ve managed to breath and recooperate ready to face Jake and whatever mood he is in that day. Single parent or not it is still abit of a struggle but not only are you lucky enough to get the support and love off of your child but you also get it from your partner if you have one. Also don’t be afraid to face your future as a single parent just because one person hurt you doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there that will take you and your child on as their own. “This is where I don’t take my own advice as the damage has been big! But I’m sure over time I will find someone that will love me but not only Jake, I mean how can you not love Jake?”  And this doesn’t necessarily mean your future will involve a new man or even the father of the child, Maybe it’s a new job or career you have wanted to pursue for a long time but obstacles have been getting in your way if you do manage to be in this situation then go for it don’t feel guilty of leaving your child in someone else’s care because Persuing the career you have always wanted will teach your child to go out and grab it with both hands, This will also be a really good thing for your child as you will be able to support your child and feel like you’re winning at life. 

But what I do most importantly as a single parent, I always put my son Jake first because at the end of the day he’s the one that’s always going to be there everyday when I wake up. 


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  1. Becca….. I LOVED THIS POST. Firstly, I am so proud of you for taking on the responsibility of caring for Jake on your own and for using your story to inspire and motivate other single moms. I’m not even a mom yet and YOU’VE inspired me. I can’t wait to keep reading your posts and hearing about your journey as a mommy. Keep up the great work darlin!

    xo Mia

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