5 Best Moments and 5 Worst Moments of being a mum. 

  1. My Five best moments as a Mum are: When Jake learnt how to laugh, Everytime I hear his little laugh because he’s watching ‘shrek’ the movie or his Auntie charlie is eating a packet of crisps! Weird child I know”😂🤔. But hearing how happy he is makes me feel like I’m succeeding as a first time mum. 
  2. Watching this 6lb 14oz tiny baby grow into such an amazing And perfect human being. “But seriously the growing needs to either stop or slow down”🙈
  3. Learning curves: I love how I feel Like my son is teaching me how to be the best version of myself that I can be and to keep on growing as a mum. Showing me emotions that I don’t need to be afraid to show everyone else such as being happy and being myself. And showing me that I don’t need to rely on anyone to help or support me that I can do this myself because I have the help of my son. 
  4. Bravery: Now as a person who suffers from very bad anxiety who went from not talking to anyone one day to starting a blog the next day this has given me courage to face my fears head on. I never knew that I could be meeting loads of new people who like the same things as me, and showing me that there are nice people out there and not everyone is bad so to just get up, get out and show the world who you are. 
  5. Inspiration: Having Jake has given me a lot of inspiration, new ideas for my writing and most of all he gives me motivation to want to let myself be successful so that one day when he’s old enough to realise he will say “that’s my mum and she did all she can to make me the person I am today and I really hope that I can let myself be successful too.” 

Five worst moments of being a mum:

  1. If you’re a single parent like me then you’ll know exactly how I’m feeling, I’m dreading the day that Jake grows up and is able to ask questions about his dad and why doesn’t his dad love him and why doesn’t ‘daddy’ ever see me or “why aren’t you and daddy together?” etc. “How would I even begin to explain it all.” And Worried about your child growing up to hate you because they think that you have kept them from seeing their father? Yeah I wake up everyday with this scare”  Having Jake hate me and to feel like I have failed as a parent not only to him or myself but to everyone around us. 
  2. Your first time alone with your child and not knowing what to do or even whether you’re doing it right. “When this happened to me 2 days after Jake was born I completely froze!” 😳
  3. Watching someone else hold your baby and hoping they don’t drop your child! “Yes I’m sure the feeling is very mutual with the other person involved😂” 
  4. Your child being sick all over you!, if you have read some of my other posts then most of you would know that my worst phobia is being sick, having your child be sick on you is my second! Especially out in public and then you trying not to be sick as that would be embarrassing. 
  5. Once having weened your child onto solid foods and all they do is choke or throw it around the room like it’s a toy. “it’s like feeding time at the zoo.😂” 

So there is my 5 best and my 5 worst moments. What’s yours?