Glamorous life of a mum 

So whilst all you lovely people are out partying I’m currently indoors doing the housework at midnight!… yes that’s right as in 12am. 

After showering my 8 month old son at half 9 in the evening my son if I’m lucky enough he will have a bottle then off to bed… yeah right!. Nope he stays up till 11pm maybe after. That’s when the fun begins! The cleaning of the bottles, sterilising the bottles, putting Jake’s and my washing on ready to be put out in the morning! 

Whilst all of that goes on at 12am, during the day is a very different story. Jake eats, I try to eat but then he wants my food so he eats again. When he’s asleep I try to eat but then he wakes up so then I have to attend to him and by the time i have done that the cat or the dog has eaten my food. Or tv programmes watching ‘baby tv’ first thing in the morning and half way through the day, not what I had in mind when I had a baby and did not even know they had ‘baby tv’. But the life I have now would not change it for the world