My newest tattoo & meaning! 

Tattoo’s? I thought this was a parenting blog?  I thought I would do something different and fun in this post as recently it’s been nothing but seriousness! 

So recently I’ve just added my 7th tattoo to my collection, Yes I said 7th. Some people say to me “When you’re 60 are you still going to like your tattoo’s?” The answer to that is yes because they all mean something and the tattoo’s I have for my son I will cherish because I will always have a part of him. Anyway enough with the soppyness back to the tattoo! This latest tattoo has seem to have caught so much attention and questions such as what does it mean? Well in this post you’re about to find out exactly what it means so if you’re interested then keep reading!🙂 

So this particular tattoo is on my thumb, I do have a ring like it except for it has a princess crown and not a prince… so now you’re thinking “why the prince crown?” 🤔 Well the prince crown is for my son called Jake, If you know me or read my blogs then you will all know that my son is my entire world and wouldn’t be able to live without him! Soppy I know!, but it’s how I feel.Anyway the crown represents him as he is my prince and the heart coloured in green his is birthstone! 

So overall what does this tattoo mean?.. It means I hold Jake’s heart💙. 

Here’s a look at my other 2 tattoo’s dedicated to Jake!; ⬇️

Jake’s hand with his date of birth inside which is situated on my chest!, Yes this is his actual hand! Looks bigger than what it is as it’s a close up picture⬇️

Jake’s foot with his name inside which is situated on my arm and yes this is his actual foot too and also is bigger than it looks as it is a close up⬇️

So there it is a little bit more about me!🙂


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