Mummy’s to be: “what do I put in my hospital bag?” 

So it wasn’t long ago that I was pregnant and freaking out about the birth of my child, But now I’m planning his first birthday!. Anyway this isn’t about me this time it’s about all the mummy’s to be and if it was me that was pregnant I’d have hoped there was someone out there that could give me a very clear picture of what I needed in my hospital bag ready for the birth of my child. I would like to hope that writing this post will help the stress levels of new mummy’s become less. As less stress the better!. I wish someone was there for me giving me advice such as… What do I put in the bag?” “Do I take 2 separate bags?, One for me, One for baby?” “How much of the babies stuff do I need to take?” “What happens if the baby doesn’t fit in the clothes we provided?” “What happens if baby doesn’t take to breastfeeding?, Do I need to take my own milk and bottles?” If you want to know the answers to any of these questions then keep reading. ⬇️ 

  • What do I put in the hospital bag? For yourself.
  1. Pyjamas, dressing gown and going home clothes.
  2. Toiletries Eg… towel, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, hairbrush, hairbands. 
  3. Make up (Your choice) 
  4. Breast pads
  5. Maternity pads (lots of them!!) 
  6. Fresh underwear (preferably black!) 
  7. Socks/slippers
  8. Your own food sometimes taking your own chocolate can help you make feel abit better. 
  • What do I put in the hospital bag for the baby?. 
  1. Nappies! Sometimes buying a pack from your local store will be really helpful
  2. Wet wipes. 
  3. Milk formula 
  4. Bottles for baby 
  5. Vests/Babygrows 
  6. Scratch mittens 
  7. Socks/booties 
  8. Cellular blanket
  9. Car seat. (if you drive/whoever is driving) 

So there you have it your list in what to put in your hospital bag. I hope this helps first time mums if there are mums out there that’s already done this and I have missed something on the list then please leave a comment 🙂.