The untold dreaded birth story! 14Th May 2016. 

So it’s 38 weeks & 3 Days Since I had my son Jake Darren Skinner. Since then I have only told very few people of my birth story as this was one that left me traumatised and doubting that I will ever want kids again.

 So let’s jump back to the beginning… When I found out I was pregnant I was literally shocked as I was on the pill I had only found out 6 weeks after having Jake when I went to my doctors to get the contaception injection that the nurse had told me due to my epilepsy there was no wonder the pill didn’t work as it had been kicked it out of my system. Anyway I found out when I was 6 weeks pregnant I took a home pregnancy test but didn’t want to believe it so off I traveled to the doctors and there it was staring me point blank in the face them 2 pink lines stating I was indeed pregnant. So as my pregnancy progressed I had terrible morning sickness from the beginning and throughout which thanks to the ‘wives tales’ I was adamant that I was having a girl but the 20 week anomaly scan came round so fast and I did find out that I was in fact carrying a boy but due to my epilepsy they said my baby might be small and is putting weight on very slowly, As a mother thinking that I couldn’t give what my baby needed was my worse nightmare. People, My mum, Jakes dad kept telling me not to worry as there would be nothing wrong with baby Jake (that’s his little name we call him😂). So to just carry on as normal and take each day as it comes and if anything was to happen then we would face it head on… to which we did. To make sure baby Jake was putting on weight they booked me in for fortnightly scans just to make sure that everything was normal especially his heartbeat but when we went back Two weeks later to check to see if his weight had progressed, It did but very slowly. I tried everything from eating McDonald’s all the time to relaxing but nothing seem to help.

So fast forwarding to my due date which was the Friday 13Th May 2016,The doctors decided to induce me as it was better for baby Jake to put weight on outside rather than inside so we can keep a close eye on him and give him everything he needs, this way I didn’t feel totally useless. This was done via 2 pessary tablets which was a very long process and didn’t start until 3pm but no I did not get much sleep as I was so uncomfortable. They did the first tablet at 3pm which took 6 hours to work but no effect was happening so then the 2nd tablet was inserted and an hour after having that felt the need to go to the toilet and such a good job it was as that’s where my waters and mucus plug broke! So the fun began!, I wasn’t far enough to have an epidural so to pass the time they gave me a shot of diamorph which would last 2 hours, That it definitely did not. I had at least half an hour sleep but before I knew it I was feeling the contractions again but they were more frequent and more intense but then before I knew it was being helped down to the labour ward from the maternity ward to give birth to Jake.

So whilst I was trying to give birth to Jake I was pushing for over an hour leaving me very exhausted so the doctor came in and said to me that I would now have to have a vacuum cup to help pull Jake out that had failed and how I knew that well the cup flew across the room… yes thi freaked me out because whilst I was so high on gas & air and the epidural I thought my baby flew across the room with the cup🙄. So they had to use forceps to get him out and also had to cut me that little bit luckily for me the epidural helped me feel none of this until it was for the last stitch! Yes I felt being sewn up which was a horrid feeling! But after the 10 hour labour at 9:46am weighing 6Lb 14oz my son Jake was born. 

So if you have a birth story and would like to share then why not? 🙂