Mummy Treats.

So every mum/new mum needs a treat every once in a while right? After all we did give the gift of life so why cant we treat ourselves? Once I had my son I done nothing but buy baby clothes and everything that my son Jake needed he will always get as I will never see him go without but its almost got to the point where I have forgotten how to take care of myself and my appearance. So recently I have become more of a make up addict than usual! 

So recently I have gone out and bought tons of make up from high end products to drugstore. The best high end products I have bought are two foundations which is the ‘Hello flawless’ foundation by benefit and also bought the ‘urban decay all nighter’ foundation. The one I use the most would be my ‘urban decay’ foundation as the coverage is amazing and its the only foundation I have found to be well suited to my skin colour as I am known to be so pale. I also use the ‘hoola bronzer’ for my contour by benefit as well as their ‘they’re real’ mascara. With the bronzer using it as a contour shade I find It isn’t too orange nor too brown for my skin type so it works like a dream. ‘They’re real’ mascara is just amazing I have been using this mascara for 2 years now and haven’t looked back I have long lashes anyway so there is no need for false eyelashes but coating them with ‘they’re real’ mascara just gives them abit of extra length. A new find for me is called ‘The falsies push up angel’ mascara by Maybelline this mascara which hasnt been out long I like to put that on top of the ‘they’re real’ mascara and it looks as if I do have false eyelashes on the comments I have been getting off of some people are “What false eyelashes do you use?” and “Do you even wear false eyelashes?” The answer is no I don’t wear false eyelashes I just coat them with the two mascara’s. Now on to what I use for my blush, I use the ‘coralista’ blush by… Benefit! (Such a shock). For my highlight thanks to YouTube I have discovered the ‘solstice’ highlighting pallet by sleek, I find this pallet so pigmented but the glitter isn’t too thick and is buildable if you want it to be more visible. I have to say as mad as I am for saying this right now I prefer the sleek pallet to my ‘jeffree star princess cut’. And last but not least what I coat my lips with, So I get very dry lips all day everyday so if im wearing a matte liquid lipstick it tends to dry them out and make them worse than they already are so the undercoat I use is the ‘Palmers cocoa butter formula’ chapstick and then I just layer on top whatever liquid lipstick I will want to wear that day. At the minute I have been loving the ‘Makeup revolution lipstick kit which comes with a lip liner in the colour reign’ 

Down below is a picture of all the products I use.⬇️

  • So the products in the above picture are:
  • Urban decay all nighter foundation
  • The eraser eye anti age concealer by Maybelline
  • Glam eyes liquid eye liner by Rimmel
  • The falsies push up angel mascara by Maybelline
  • They’re real mascara by benefit
  • The makeup revolution lip kit in the colour reign.
  • Two matte liquid lipsticks by sleek in the colours ‘Birthday suit’ & ‘Velvet Slipper’.
  • Jeffree star liquid matte lipstick in the colour Sagittarius
  • Cocoa butter formula chapstick
  • Hoola bronzer by benefit
  • Coralista blush by benefit
  • Sleek solstice pallet

So we have discovered that my favourite way of treating myself is through make up what is your favourite treats?