A Mum Living With Anxiety

Warning if you are a person who suffers with mental health and it’s easily triggered then this may not be the post for you! ๐Ÿค“

Not many people know that I have serious mental health issues and biggest threat is anxiety some days I can battle the world but then the next I feel like I cant even talk to my mum. I am on medication but even at the best of times it isn’t a big help. If you want to know more about who I am and my story then keep reading!

 So my day to day routine is pretty much get up when my son Jake gets up but when I have real bad anxiety that day I struggle big time to even get out of bed and I really hate to admit this as there are people out there that say “what if you don’t have anyone to help you?, “That child would be left”. The answer to that is no my son wouldn’t be left as there are activities for him to do whilst I’m feeling low. On days where I feel on top of the world I will take Jake to the park or even take him swimming, he’s such a water baby but even when I do them activities I always have to have someone with me as I don’t feel confident enough or strong enough to do them by myself. As a person with mental health issues I always think the worse of things such as if I was to go out by myself due to my epilepsy what would happen if I was to have a fit in the middle of the street? The world that we live in now isn’t what it use to be I have seen so many people in need and people just walk past them like they don’t exist, is that what would happen to me? That’s just a question I will never be able to answer.

Anyway featured in this blog here is another mum and friend of mine who is also a blogger ‘Leah Prescott’ you can also find her on twitter @leahhprescott. She also suffers with mental health issues and anxiety and she has kindly answered 5 questions on what her day to day is like living with anxiety.

  1. What is your day to day life like living with anxiety? I find it difficult to answer the door and phone and going out is way more effort and energy than it has to be. 
  2. How do you feel you are coping? Better than I use to be but same days are better than others, I have to force myself to answer the phone and door rather than avoiding it. 
  3. What happens when you are having a bad day? When I have a bad day everything just seems to go wrong such as if I have one panic attack then I will carry on to have a panic attack all day except for it will be on and off not continuous. 
  4. Do you have any support out there? Such as family/friends in case you’re having a bad day? I have family and friends that are incredible, especially recently with my new diagnosis they have been there whenever I have needed them or when things have got too much and they have needed to step in so I can catch a 5 minute breather. 
  5. Do you have any triggers? If so what are they? One of my ex’s, I was in a really abusive relationship and if someone was to move to fast or goes to touch me without my knowledge. Also people getting angry and kicking off even if it isn’t at me. Another trigger for me is sex I have had bad panic attacks mid way which is really embarrassing for me so that doesn’t help situations either. 

A big thankyou to Leah for featuring in this post, for being brave and sharing her expierence as a mum living with anxiety. If anyone else have any expierences they would like to share then go ahead why not leave a comment!๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿค“



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    • Thankyou! I felt that it needed to be said and to also ask another mum as to see how not only myself deal with everything aswell as a child but this big weight we have on our shoulders to try live with.

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    • Thankyou! I’ve been on the medication for 2 years now but came off of it when I fell pregnant with Jake but when I due to have Jake I had to go back onto it as I was so anxious and scared about the birth. But I’m so glad that mine and Leah’s story is helping people to come out and talk about it! X


  1. Very interesting to read! I desperately want to have children but have always been concerned how I would be as a mumma as I suffer from anxiety and depression! So really glad to read about two other mumma’s who are battled with mental health but also have little bundles of joy!!
    Will definitely be having a nosey at the rest of your blog posts!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

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    • You would be great as a mum it might be abit harder for us and take us a little longer to get use to the idea of being mums but honestly my son has actually helped me get through a lot of it! Xx

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