Another Day, Another Pushchair

As a first time mum I thought a pushchair is just a pushchair right?… No. Choosing the perfect pushchair for your baby needs time and practicality.  For me I didn’t choose my son’s first pushchair my mum did as she knew someone that just recently had a child and was pregnant with her second therefore she needed to buy a double pushchair in which my luck was good as she sold the pushchair to my mum in which a car seat came with it and the pushchair is useable up till my son is 3 years old. 

Only just a couple of months ago I bought a pushchair from argos it was a ‘Joie’ make I had heard a lot of good things about this pushchair as it was practical for me as a back up pushchair just in case my mum was at work and I wanted to get out of the house etc  I would use the back up pram. After a few months of using this pushchair baring In mind it cost me £74.99, I saved up every penny I got whilst spending majority of my money on nappies, wipes, clothes the general stuff a baby needs just to get 4 months at least on this pushchair. Yes it was very light, Yes it was very easy to handle but the wheels were not as good and they did buckle after the short time I had it.  Don’t get me wrong the pushchair was lovely and was reversible too so you could choose which side I chose the blue obviously as I have a boy the other side was a pinky/purple colour. Down below is a picture.⬇️

Anyway I didn’t write this as a ‘hate’ blog because I didn’t hate the pushchair I generally did love it otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it I just thought in my own opinion that the price and the wheels did let it down abit as it wasn’t worth that much amount of money at all but time will tell whether ‘The expensive the product the better?’ as I went out and bought a new pushchair for my son which is totally different make from argos again but the make this time is ‘mamas and papas’ again I have heard a lot of really good things about this company too but I need something lightweight especially if I am out and about by myself. The pushchair cost £159.99 now I know what you’re thinking… Surely she didn’t spend that amount on a pushchair that she is hardly going to use right? luckily for me the day I got it was on offer for £97.99 to some people that might be loads of money still but to me was a big drop for what I think to be an amazing pushchair and its such a step up compared to the other pushchair I had as this new one looks so much presentable and the seating well it looks as if Jake is going to have the life of luxury whilst we’re out doing our shopping, The seat looks super comfy. But with another pushchair time will tell on how well it lasts, how good the wheels are etc.

 So I have had the pushchair for a week now and have used it 3 times at least and everytime it’s been such a smooth ride, It just glides over stones, It is easy to lift up and down curbs I really at this minute don’t have a bad word to say about this pushchair. If a mum wants a lightweight pushchair and something that easily folds and doesn’t take up much space then I highly recommend this. 

If anyone has any suggestions on a good lightweight pushchair that comes with a good price especially having a low budget then leave suggestions below.



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  1. This post is so true! I didn’t think about what I really wanted from a Pram/pushchair until it was too late, and ended up having to go and buy one that was a lot more lightweight x

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