The Meaning Behind My Son’s Name.

For most of you that don’t know my son is called ‘Jake Darren Skinner’. For people that read my blogs would have already knew that.

So the meaning behind my son’s name is a funny story well I think it is…
There were two names before ‘Jake’ that I wanted but when I was with Jake’s dad at the time he didn’t like either of the names. The names were ‘Michael’ & ‘Ronnie’.
Having the name Michael I liked the idea of having the nickname ‘Mikey’ not only that it would have meant something, A tradition if you like within the family as the name ‘Michael’ comes from my dad’s granddad not only to mention I loved the name ‘Michael’ because of my love and obsession with ‘Michael Buble’, But Jake’s dad didn’t like that name so that was taken off of the list. The name ‘Ronnie’ I just loved because of the actor ‘Tom Hardy’ played both ‘Kray’ brothers in the film ‘Legend’, But again Jake’s dad didn’t like that name either.

And then one day me and my son’s dad was listening to old songs on youtube like kids songs that we would have to live and put up with as parents for example ‘Bob the builder’, ‘The teletubbies’ and ‘peppa pig’. (Thankfully Jake isn’t a fan of peppa pig just yet).
But then we came across ‘The tweenies’ and ever since we saw and remembered the names of ‘the tweenies’ we both managed to decide on the name ‘Jake’. Yes as in ‘Jake’ from ‘The Tweenies’.

In case you don’t know who Jake is from the Tweenies he’s below!😂⬇️

So The Name Chosen from when our son was born was ‘Jake Darren Kevin Alan Wall’.

  • Darren – My Dad’s Name.
  • Kevin – Jake’s dad’s, Dad name.
  • Alan – Jake’s dad’s Granddad name, which would be Jake’s great granddad.
  • Wall – Jake’s dad’s Surname.
    But When Jake’s Dad left us when Jake was 4 months old I decided to change Jake’s name to ‘Jake Darren Skinner’. It’s a tradition of my family to have the child grandparents names involved but due circumstances Jake will only have my dad’s name and has my surname.

So that’s the long story behind my son’s name, If you’re interested in why I changed my sons name then the post is The dreaded Ex.



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