Friday 3rd March 2017. 9 Month & 17 Days Old.

So the day we have all been waiting for!, The milestones of all milestones. The day your first baby takes their first steps!.  Yes that’s right, Jake has taken his first steps.
I have always dreaded this day as I didn’t know what I would think about it nor feel about it. Well now I know how it feels…Its emotional but very exciting. But as I saw him let go of the sides of his cot I really didn’t think that he was going to take them first steps especially in his cot of all places!, “What a time to choose Jake!”.
I knew it was going to be soon as he was showing all the signs of being confident, Such as the way he was walking holding onto things like the table, the sofa, his table toys and just moving from one to the other, But I genuinely did not think that it was going to be anytime soon, I thought I had abit more time left. If I could describe Jake then it would be very confident because when it comes to letting go of the table etc. One minute you will be looking at him and he’s holding on to the table and then next he has let go, Sometimes he would even become very cocky and would let go for more than 3 seconds but he would always fall onto his bum then look at me in a strange way as if to say what happened.

As I wasn’t ready for the biggest milestone of them all I was never able to get any pictures nor videos of him walking but I’m hoping he will try to walk again and this time I’m going to be ready for it! So Jake you better get walking boy because mumma needs that photo for the album!.

But as the month has gone on his speech has become more clearer too, for example he can say ‘da da’ but the most word he says is ‘mama’ such as if he doesn’t get his own way with watching baby tv and If I turn it over he knows how to express himself by shouting ‘mama’. The other day his auntie charlie, my sister asked Jake for a kiss and Jake said yeah.
I cant say enough of how proud I am to be Jake’s mum not only that of how far Jake has come and he isn’t 10 months old yet so if someone isn’t sure whether to become a mum or if they’re not ready for it then just do it because otherwise you will never be ready but being a mum is the most rewarding thing I have ever been proud enough to say Yes he is my son.”