A Mother with a hidden disability 

Since I was 7 Years old I have had a hidden disability this is epilepsy, I didn’t have a normal childhood I grew up constantly in and out of hospital for brainscans which the correct term is ‘Electroencephalogram’ also known as ‘EEG’. An ‘EEG’ is most commonly known for tracing activity of the brain for a seizure. They have a 1 Hour recording, 24 Hour or 1 Week. I have had all three! I know right, lucky me.” 

Epilepsy runs throughout my family but on my mothers side, my nan which is my mum’s mum suffers with epilepsy and so does my nan’s sisters. From the age of 7, after I had the numerous amounts of ‘EEG’ (Brain scans as I like to call them) they found out that I had ‘Petit mal’ which is another form of epilepsy but it wasn’t the kind of fitting or seizures. Petit mal is the sort of epilepsy where you just have a blank spell some people refer them to ‘daydreams’, Yes they are kind of like a daydream but it’s more serious as you have no control over what you are doing at that time. You can stop anywhere like me when I was 7 years old I had stopped in the middle of the road and nearly got hit by a car… yes my mum was with me and yes she saved me whilst being 8 months pregnant with my sister. My mum or my sister was not harmed either thank god! When I was 13 years old the neurologist said that I can out grow epilepsy little did we all know that yes I did out grow petit mal but not the epilepsy like they said had gone never did instead I was just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.
For instance I was waiting for a seizure to happen to realise that I still had epilepsy and when that day had come I went back to the doctor which then referred me to the hospital to see the neurologists and because they didn’t believe me I had to under go plenty more ‘EEG’ to prove that I still did have epilepsy this went on for years but the recent ‘EEG’ I had was in November 2016 and that was the ‘EEG’ that proved I still had epilepsy and I am now on medication.

When I fell pregnant with Jake I had no idea what to do I had to come off of all medications including my mental health but when it came to 8 months down the line of my pregnancy I became anxious and sick so I made a doctors appointment and they put me back on all of my medications including my epilepsy. The doctor said the reason why I had to come off of all meds is because it can interfere with the development of the baby so I was in a catch 22 position because even being off of my meds I could have had a fit and the baby could have died either way. I did have a fit whilst I was pregnant with Jake but it was mild and once it had happened I went straight to the hospital to get checked over but most of all to check and see if there was a heartbeat that was the most daunting experience of my life.
The day finally came around of doing my birth plan with my midwife and she said…
Due to the stress levels and pain whilst in labour they told me that I had to have an epidural which I was fine with because I wanted that either way but they had to prepare me for the worse because if my waters broke naturally then there might not have been enough time for the epidural therefore I could have fitted whilst in labour and there could have been complications but thankfully everything went smoother than I had thought, I had to be induced due to Jake being a small baby which is also common in mothers that suffer with epilepsy… If you want to read my birth story then here it is⬇️
The untold dreaded birth story! 14Th May 2016. 

Writing this post for me is difficult for myself but im sure there is someone out there that has it much worse than me. But now is just a waiting game to see if Jake will grow up having epilepsy but I guess I will cross that bridge when it comes to it!.

If you have epilepsy yourself or know someone that has and have a story to tell then why not leave your story in the comments below! 🙂