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I have seen a lot of people do this sort of questionnaire on Facebook and also a few blogs to which it has been a popular request, The last blog I saw it on was a lovely girl called Leah Prescott so why not join in on the fun and keep a chain going by mentioning the name of the last blog you saw it on.
If you want to see more of Leah then here is where to find her.⬇️
Twitter: @LeahhPrescott

Was your first pregnancy planned?

Were you married?

What was your reaction?
Was mixed, Was really happy but didn’t believe it till the first scan as I found out at 6 weeks due to the lovely morning sickness.

Were you induced?
Yes as they said Jake was small in weight and wasn’t really progressing as much as he should be.

How old were you?

How did you find out?
I was on the pill but I was being very sick aswell as feeling it everyday so grabbed a clear blue digital test then had the doctor confirm it.

Did you want to find out the sex?
Yes I did but Jake’s dad at the time didn’t really want to know but I changed his mind anyway, Jake’s dad couldn’t come to the appointment due to working so I surprised him with a boy’s top saying ‘Daddy’s Little Man’. Down below is a scan photo of Jake when he was 6 weeks old.⬇️

Due date?
Friday 13th May 2016.

Did you deliver early or late?
One day late as I was induced on my due date and Jake was born Saturday 14th May 2016.

Did you have morning sickness?
Yes I did the whole way through my pregnancy even whilst I was giving birth.

What did you crave?
For me it would be different types of foods like every week or so. But I enjoyed cereal weetos and ate pineapple throughout my pregnancy aswell as drank pineapple juice.

How many kilos did you gain from your pregnancy?
I never got weighed before or after so here is a picture before I was pregnant during my pregnancy and a day after I gave birth to Jake.
– Top left is before pregnancy
– bottom left is after
– the right is during my pregnancy I was 35 Weeks & 6 Days gone.


What was the sex of your baby?
A Boy

Did you have any complications during labour?
I had a failed vacuum cup I then had to have forceps aswell as be cut and then stitched back up.

Where did you give birth?
Isle of Wight.

How many hours were you in labour?
Over 10 Hours and pushed for 1.

How much did your baby weigh?
6 Pound 14oz.

What did you name her/him?
Jake Darren Skinner.

How old is your newborn today?
10 Months & 9 Days.

What colour eyes does your newborn have?


So that was the ‘All about your first born’ tag. Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing! 🙂



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