Why I love & prefer being a young mum.

Why I love and prefer being a young mum? Well… I think that the best time to have a child is in your 20’s, Once you have got all that partying out of your system ay ladies ;).
But for me it wasn’t about the partying I wasn’t the type and I still don’t go out partying now so having a child at 21 was perfect as Jake keeps me busy. I didn’t have many friends before Jake I am a ‘lone wolf’ as they say so I just prefer to keep myself to myself.
Anyway enough of the chit chat I love being a young mum because I can do things for and with Jake without worrying about breaking my back or putting a hip out. Now I must express myself that I am not against older mum’s or teen mums its what the mother in you prefers after all everyone is different and likes different things… Any mum or mother to be whether younger or older is amazing in my eyes because carrying a child is such a special occasion and every woman should get to experience it but unfortunately the world is so cruel to those who cant, I always say to people I wouldn’t want to go through the pregnancy again etc. as I had it so rough with Jake but if I was given a chance to be someone’s surrogate as they really wanted a child then I would be more than happy to do so if a woman cant carry then they should at least be able to mother a child.

Again back to what I was saying (So easily distracted! woops).
Oh yes here are 5 things I like about being a young mum!

  1. You have a lot of energy so things like taking your child to the park, Once they start walking and learning how to get around you’re quick on your toes.
  2. When you’re a lot older you don’t need to worry about the what if you can/cant have kids because you have already had your child/children so you can carry on without wondering.
  3. People reminding you how young you are, That’s the best bit and also will feel good when you’re in your thirties.
  4.  Your children will have more memories and time of their grandparents
  5. You have much longer to enjoy motherhood.

So they’re my 5 things I like about being a young mum what are yours? Or if you’re an older mother then why not comment below and tell us what you like about being a older mum!.

Again I really hope nobody takes any offense to this as that wasn’t my intentions, It’s just really interesting to know different opinions on whether being a young mum or older mum is better and why.
– Becca”