My Story.

This post is my story and what’s happened to me so far. It’s going to be a long one so make sure you have coffee to stay awake!

Im writing this post because everyone keeps asking me questions such as
“Where are you from?”, “How come you moved?”, “Why that place?”.
Well my friends/readers you’re about to find out a lot more about me.

So when I was 13 years old I moved to a place called the ‘Isle of Wight’ the reason for this move is because my parents didn’t think the environment we lived in was safe to bring up three kids the place we moved from was Basildon in Essex.
Yes that’s right I’m an Essex girl and I am proud…

The reason for me not telling people where I am from and to let everyone think I am from the Isle of Wight is because of the programme called ‘TOWIE’ (The only way is Essex).
Yes I do watch it due to the fact I find it hilarious because not everyone from Essex talks like that or looks like they have been hit with an orange crayon. (Queue laughter).
Anyway… I have always despised my parents for moving to the Isle of Wight because ever since we came here I was nothing but bullied throughout school after school. When I was 16 Years old I met Boyfriend number 1 he was someone that didn’t live on the island he was from Devon and yes he was my first, In my head the person that I lost my virginity to would be the person I would be with forever we moved in together after 3 months of knowing each other I then moved to Devon with him after 6 months of being together and we even got engaged a year after being together but it all ended badly because I couldn’t/wouldn’t get a job I applied for jobs but never turned up for them as I didn’t know anyone there I found it difficult to go outside or to the shop without him this is when I knew in myself that I had terrible anxiety but didn’t want to tell anyone not even the boyfriend at the time because I felt that he would look at me differently.
Moving on after we got engaged things were good for a month or two then he decided to get a tattoo with a symbol meaning love and the date we got together this was when I felt things were becoming real and we were definitely going to be together but then one weekend  he had to go to Birmingham for a training course things felt different between me and him I stayed in that whole weekend and didn’t leave the flat, He wasn’t answering my calls nor was he answering my text’s. When he came back I asked if he still wanted to be with me he couldn’t answer me and he stormed off out, He didn’t tell me where he was, I rang his mum because I was worried out of my mind and she said that he wasn’t there and she would let me know if he did go round there but that night he never returned back to our home.
I rang my mum saying it was over between me and him because I wasn’t going to be left hanging, wondering whether he wanted to stay with me or not. The next day my mum and brother arrived, helped me grab my stuff and off we went back to the Isle of Wight.

Once I came back to the island I wasn’t here long before I moved again, When I was 18 I moved back to Essex to live with my grandparents to look for work this time, as the jobs on the island are either holiday work or you have to be in a trade.
Luckily for me my granddad works as a car park attendant behind the store of Poundland which is in Billericay so they asked my granddad if I was available for a trial and to also fill out some paperwork E.g. application forms and health forms.
I was over there for at least a year then I met boyfriend number 2 this time the guy was from the Isle of Wight so after many months of backwards and forwards he moved in with me and my grandparents this proved to be a challenge and stress on my grandparents so I asked for a transfer from my work to the Isle of Wight store and that they did.
Me and boyfriend number 2 at the time moved into our own place, Everything was fine, we even tried for a baby but sadly I miscarried and in the end that broke us because I wanted a baby however he did not. So he moved out I kept the flat and during that time I got a transfer from Newport Poundland store to Shanklin Poundland store as it was closer to where I live that is where I met Jake’s dad. But a big thanks to Jake’s dad I now longer work there due to being sacked whilst on maternity leave, Yes I took it further and Yes I won.

So there you have it and up to date of who I really am and what I have been through.


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  1. I love personal posts like this. It’s always really nice to get to know each other and who’s behind the blog. Also, it’s always good to be proud of where you’re from 🙂 I quite like Essex, it’s inbetween where I’m from (Kent) and where I live not (Hertfordshire) x

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  2. I enjoyed reading this, it sounds like you’ve been through a lot!, I empathise you on your anxiety, I have it too and my god it is tough!. Well done on standing up to Poundland and getting what you deserved from, they’re disgusting to do that!. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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