Q & A: How I Told My Parents That I Was Pregnant.

So this post is in relation to again we all know her very well by now and if you don’t then her name is Leah Prescott, She has recently done a Q&A over on her blog about how she told her family about her pregnancy and is giving advice to those who are pregnant and are scared/worried of telling their own family. I decided to be self centred as usual! And only do the Q&A based on what I done.
How to find Leah?
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xleahhprescottx
Blog: https://theprescottfamilyblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/05/my-first-qa-all-about-teen-pregnancy-how-i-told-my-parents-i-was-pregnant/

So now that’s out of the way lets begin… If you’re interested how I told my family about my pregnancy then keep reading!.

How did you tell your parent’s you were pregnant?
I was at my parents as i wasn’t living with them, I felt the urge to be sick so I was turned out I was pregnant but i also had a really bad bug virus.

How far along in your pregnancy was you when you told your family?
I was 6 weeks along me confirming as I calculated but then got it confirmed by the doctor and I was indeed right.

How far along in your pregnancy did you find out you was pregnant?
I was 6 weeks when I found out and did the test.

How did your family react?
My mum knew as soon as I was sick she hugged me and congratulated me, My dad on the other hand his reaction was hilarious and should have been filmed.
My mum said to my dad “Darren you’re going to be a granddad”. His reply was “F*** Off!”. (I think you can gather from that sentence that we all know what he said), But he said it all jokingly and laughing! (Just in case of those who thought that might have been abit steep).

Did you loose/gain any friends whilst pregnant?
I didn’t loose anyone nor did I gain anyone, I do rarely see my bestfriend but that’s not because of having my son that’s work related but we will always and have always remained close. I have always been a person who keeps themselves to themselves as it’s easier to not get caught up in drama etc. that should have been kept in school. (Yanno them type of situations)

What’s the best advice you received whilst pregnant?
My mum kept giving me the ‘What to eat to get rid of morning sickness’ speech which in the end wasn’t so helpful as i had sickness throughout my pregnancy but the best one was my parent’s kept telling me to take all the help I can get because I’m going to need my sleep.

Did you consider options such as abortion or adoption?
No i didn’t because Jake was a miracle (for me anyway as I had several miscarriages).
But no matter what age I wouldn’t have considered it as i don’t believe in that unless there was a more serious reason to.

Did you have names for both genders and what were they?
I did have names for both genders as i really wanted a girl but i had a boy and i have 2 names for a boy but only 1 for a girl.
girl: Darcie/Darcy
boy: Michael & Ronnie
But ended up calling my son Jake if you want to know the reason why for that then there is a whole post on that topic, Click Here to read it.

In 3 Words describe the birth of your child.
Over whelming
If you want to know more about the birth of my son Jake then click here

Did you loose your pregnancy weight? If so how?
Obviously i gained abit of weight during pregnancy because you are carrying another person but i wasn’t weighed before nor was i weighed after. There’s something called a ‘Mum tum’ that i am in the middle of trying get rid of with the right diet and yes i am loosing weight slowly but surely.

So if you were interested in this then why not like, or even leave a comment below and tell me how did you tell your family? It’s always interesting to know.
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