11 Months & 11 Days Milestone! 

So this blog is gonna be short and sweet (literally), today my little boy Jake hit a huge milestone!, At 11 Months & 11 Days old He now walks without needing help! Did I cry? Yes! But I felt so proud of him and still am proud of him, he’s becoming the perfect little boy I could ever ask for and I am so proud to be his mum. 

He still crawls from time to time as he finds that he is quicker that way but I am often finding him walking and even though he falls down he is always getting back up to try again he is so persistent on wanting to walk. So many people are always telling me that jake is so advanced for his age but I never believed it until he took his first steps, he took at least four steps before he fell! 

Below I have inserted a little clip of Jake showing off his walking skills so we can all celebrate with him! ⬇️👏🏻

Go Jake!👏🏻👦🏼


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