10 things that make me happy 

I thought I would do my bit within the blogging community and write a post that includes 10 things that make me happy so that if I have down days I can go back and read over, So in this post I’m going to tag Leah.
Where to find leah?

Here’s my 10 things that makes me happy.

  1. My little boy Jake.
    I have never known anyone to bring me so much light and joy into my life, So innocent and full of laughter and not to mention a damn right cutie.
    Motherhood isn’t easy but Jake makes my heart want to burst with how happy and proud he makes me which makes me forget how hard it is being a mum.
  2. My family.
    All my family are important to me, But my mum and dad are the most important to me. For the whole 22 years of my life I have left the family home and then returned, I have done this numerous amount of times and they have never turned me away.  They are the one’s who moulded me into the person who I am today. I am proud of who I have become and what I have achieved so they must have done something right.
  3. Life In General.
    So for me to be happy with my life in general is a big step but I am happy with the fact that I have my own family, (Me & Jake). Our own house that we can call home.
  4. Shopping
    I love going into town, inside shopping malls such as Portsmouth & Southampton. My favourite is online shopping though, Can’t get any better staying inside in the warm and shopping! A few shops I love is New Look, Primark, Boohoo, Superdrug, Boots. I also love shopping for Jake aswell, I seem to spend a lot more on Jake though than myself! (Woops!).
  5. Them unexpected good days.
    Them days where you wake up having no plans made, The sun is shining, Its nice and warm and just a relaxed day.
  6. Sleeping.
    Yes I like my sleep enough said. A person can have 8 hours of sleep max, Me on the other hand I could literally sleep all day long!. If I didn’t have a little one of course.
  7. YouTube & Netflix.
    I love laying in bed whilst I’m trying to get to sleep and watching videos on YouTube. The videos I love watching at the minute are vlogs and the people that have caught my eye recently are Zoella her boyfriend Alfie and her brother Joe. I also watch make up vloggers such as thattaylaa, sophdoesnails and Casey Holmes.
    My favourite Netflix show at the moment has to be Riverdale!.
  8. Going on family days out.
    Getting the whole family together has to be one of my favourite times because it’s nothing but laughs the whole way through.
  9. Treating my family.
    I don’t know about you but when I treat a member of my family or the whole family even to a meal or present etc I feel really good and happy that I have been able to give something back to my parents especially as they have done so much for me.
  10. Music
    I love them hot days where the windows are open in the house and you’re blasting the your favourite music out to your favourite neighbours!.

    I have a very mixed playlist. I love the types that go from Ed Sheeran to Eminem to blink 182.

What are your happiest moments?