So in this post is a whole post on ME!, With a twist…
This post is a get to know more about my favourite things beginning with each letter!.

A- Apple.
no not the fruit the techno term as in their products I’m a little obsessed!. If there’s a new iPhone I have to have it, New iPad again I have to have it.

B- Bath.
Now I don’t know about you but as a mother I have found more of a love for baths as there is nothing better then ending your evening relaxing.

C- Christmas.
There’s nothing better than spending your Christmas day with your loved ones.

D- Dad.
No matter what we go through or have been through we always come out laughing again.

E- EX.
Well I think this one is self explanatory, We’ve all got one of them.

F- Feast.
Who dont love a good feast, being able to pig out on food has to put you in a good mood.

When I go It’s a good workout and it’s fun.

People say they know me best because I have a heart of gold.

I- iPhone.
My iPhone is my life, I always have it in my hand and if I dont then I panic!.

J- Jake.
My son, My life, My everything.

K- Kindness.
There’s nothing more meaningful than someone being kind to you.

L- Love.
When I love something or someone i’m dedicated, Also that feeling of being in Love can sometimes be the best or the worst, Depending the situation you’re in.

M- Mother.
You will never get another so always treat the one you got with love and respect. We dont always see eye to eye and most of the time we clash but when it’s good, it’s good.
My mum is someone that I know will always be there for me no matter the situation.

N- New clothes.
There’s nothing better than getting yourself a new outfit or your child/children.
I am obsessed with getting my son new clothes.

O- Openness.
When I do open up people know about it because I will just be full on!.

P- People.
I’m not a people a person beileve it or not.

Q- Quietness.
I live for the quiet life!.

Sometimes whether it’s a book or a blog post love abit of a read.

S- Snakes.
Snakes, Dont like them wont even go near them even if they’re in a glass container.

T- Tattoo’s.
This one has to be the easiest one I have thought of, Never typed so quick!.
I have 8 tattoo’s and planning on having more!

U- Unique.
You’ll never find someone quite like me.

V- Voice.
You know it’s me coming from afar just by the sound of my voice.

W- Walking.
Sometimes it’s good to get abit of fresh air, Especially on the days when your mind just runs away with you.

X – Cross them off.
Crossing them things off of your to do list or things of wanting to do.

Y- Yourself.
No matter what you always need you time and also to learn to love yourself.

Z- Zzzz.
Catching them Z’s. If you dont hear from me then you know i’ll be sleeping.

If you’ve read till the end then thankyou for taking the time to read this.
Doing your own A-Z is harder than it looks but why dont you give it a go, What’s your A-Z?



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  1. Obviously, it’s too early for me to internet! Please delete my earlier comment because I signed in wrong. LOL That was a really cute read! I literally saw myself in almost all of your ABC’s – especially the S for snakes…I can’t even stand pictures of them!

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