5 reasons for toddler tantrums. 

If anyone has a toddler they will understand the tantrums or 'the terrible two's' its known best for. Yes Jake is 14 Months old and he thinks he's two already.

If you don't know what 'the terrible two's' are it's where your child can go from happy Larry to Horrid Henry within seconds! Can't say that I'm enjoying it much as you never know what's gonna happen next, Also what the hell do you do whilst they're throwing themselves around on the floor? Do you leave them to it?, comfort them?, tell them off?. The best part of these 'tantrums' is that they're always when you're out in public and you're getting death stares from people because your child is screaming and crying the place down, rarely do they happen when we're indoors.

Anyway enough of me rambling on here are 5 points.

1. They can be very sensitive. I told Jake he wasn't allowed my real techniques miracle complexion sponge after him grabbing it, putting it in his mouth (No I did not use it after and no he didn't bite into the sponge). So he just threw himself to the floor crying and screaming.

2. Jake keeps banging on all the glass within the house. My mum has tortoises and jake is fascinated by them when I say fascinated I mean obsessed! He's always over by their cage if not then banging on the glass to wake them up (Don't worry no animals are harmed!). And if it's not the tortoises then it's the glass cabinet with my mums ornaments in… Big NO!

3. He keeps pushing the pushchair into things & people in public!

4. Jake keeps standing up in the bath wanting to walk and I have to make him understand that he has to sit otherwise he will slip. He just smiles at me as if he doesn't understand.

5. Biting me & only me! (Swear he hates me) only kidding! So jakes still teething at the moment but this time he's expecting the rest of his teeth… yes as in the rest of the top and lower teeth, they're coming in one after the other so as you can expect he's gonna be grumpy anyway but Jake shows me he needs medicine by biting me but all he seems to do when I tell him that it's not okay to bite his mummy he either smiles or squeals, yep that's right squeals! Something I'm trying to get him out of!

Anyway if you've read till the end then thankyou for reading, also if you're a mum with a child that throws tantrums non stop at the moment what sort of things are they really not happy about?


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  1. Oh the joys of kids hahaa! I can’t wait to have my own, I love this age as it’s where their personalities really start to shine, but also as you’ve pointed out… it’s also where their attitude starts to make an appearance! Fingers crossed he gets it out of system sooner or later for you lovely! X

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  2. Kids will definitely be kids! I’m not a mummy yet, but I have experience with so much children and some react in ways that blows my mind. However I must get use to it since I’ll be a teacher soon🌸
    Great post

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