The Idea Of What Mother I Want To Be VS What I Am.

I found that when I was pregnant I had all these idea’s about what sort of mother I wanted to be, But once you’ve had the baby you begin to realise it’s all about keeping your sanity intact due to running on very little sleep and managing to get food into you as well as the baby.
One of the things that kept going round in my head was ‘I’m not going to post a million baby photo’s’. However that went straight out of the window as I do post pictures of my son 9/10 It would be something silly but I would find it hilarious that I would need to post it with everyone. But the main photo’s I post of my son is his smile, What can I say I’m a sucker for a cute smile.

The next thing I kept thinking was that I will go to the gym I will get my body back to the way it was before I had my son… WELL, It’s over a year later and I’ve been to the gym 4 or 5 times. I am loosing weight and toning my stomach with home workouts just doing it very slowly.

I’m not going to make this a long post so I will make this one my last…
I wanted Jake to be in the best routine possibly, I planned that Jake will go to bed at a sensible time then I will have time for myself. Again Jake will nap at certain times of the day then I can get things done such as housework etc…
There is no routine and when I tell people my son will go to sleep whenever he wants to usually it’s 10pm Jake will go to bed and sleep, Their faces have the look of shock that Jake stays up till then. Also with the housework most of it I can get done with Jake being awake watching baby TV but hovering around him is a different story as that’s one thing he cannot stand.

So that’s my what I thought I was going to be like VS what I am like now.
What thoughts did you have before you was going to be a mum?



5 thoughts on “The Idea Of What Mother I Want To Be VS What I Am.

  1. Oh sweetie! I am sure we all feel like this. Sleep is definitely the big one isn’t it 😫 Routine? What routine. My son also goes to sleep when he wants. But I take him to bed by half 8. Not that he always goes to sleep straight away 👎🏻

    So many things you thought about before having baby really do go out the window when you’ve had them. 😂🙈 so don’t worry hunny you’re not alone.


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    • I am so glad I’m not alone with the sleeping one because I keep getting told off by my health visitor that jake is 1 and still doesn’t have a bedtime routine lol I said to her it doesn’t bother me though because I go to bed at 10ish so yanno and I got told off still haha xx


      • You can’t MAKE baby have a routine. If they don’t wanna sleep they don’t wanna sleep do they! These people live in some sort of dream land I swear. 😔🙈 Makes us feel ever so crappy though doesn’t it. xx

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