Is life the same after kids?

The most common question I get asked believe it or not is, “Has your life changed much after having your child?” and my answer to that question is yes. Of course it has. Only for the better though. To have a baby is a big decision to make at any age. Even if you’re planning to have one let alone if it was to come as a surprise. In this post I’ve put together a few things that have changed for me after having my child.

Now this is pretty obvious because of course your body is going to change… You’ve just grew & had a baby! But I thought my body was like a balloon that if you blew it up and once it popped it’d go down. That never happened for me and boy do I wish it did! but whilst I was pregnant with Jake my bump didn’t show at all till I was 28 weeks pregnant then after I had Jake my tummy did go down quite a lot but now I’m suffering with the aftermath and the voices in my head telling me I need to loose weight, I need to stop eating certain foods, I need to calorie count etc… Basically its become uncontrollable.
But nowadays especially with social media I’m finding there’s a lot of pressure and stigma on mum’s to hurry and get fit! ‘Get that summer body’ and if you’re not slim then you’re not good enough to be in a bikini and it’s really sad to see that, that is the society we live in now.

Again this is an obvious one and I wont go on about it too much as I always mention this but we all know by now that if you have a baby you’re not going to sleep and that’s it.
Even when that baby grows into a toddler you’re never going to be able to sleep in till 1pm like you use to.

Personal Space
This one I have to have my personal space especially baths etc… I have never had a bath or shower with Jake and don’t intend to either not because I disagree with the idea but because it’s just me I’d rather get in and get out and not have to worry about a small person! Where as the toilet situation they’re going in there with you no matter what you do. Toddlers are like ninjas because they always find their way in.
The worse part is where you have to go into a public toilet and instead of a bolt lock they have a lock which slides and it’s a race against time between you going to the toilet and the child working out how to unlock it before the whole of you is on display!
(Yeah that’s always a barrel of laughs!)

Bank Balance
You think you had money problems before having kids then that’s nothing compared to when you do have kids as they literally bleed you dry.
That toy you don’t want them to have? They’ll find a way of getting it even if it means ‘Accidentally walking out of the store with it’.
The cute outfits every season!, Halloween? Got to get a cute outfit. Christmas? better get an outfit!.
The trouble is that it doesn’t get cheaper if anything it gets more expensive. The Nike trainers because they looked cool well he’s out grown them.

Remember when you was either too early for an appointment well now you’re worrying you’re going to be late because the child plays up and wont get their shoes on or they’ve all of a sudden lost their coat and shoes. Or if your child is the same age as Jake then you yourself will know the battle of dressing the child etc. Especially now that Jake goes to nursery I know it’s only nursery and it’s not actual school yet but to me it’s prepping Jake ready for school so by the time Jake has to be in school on time I would like to think that I would be prepared.

So there we go a few things to prepare yourself mentally but I wouldn’t have it any other way now! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Is life the same after kids?

  1. Haha totally miss my 1pm lie ins! I miss my pre baby body but to be honest I just want to feel fit again, after having my baby even walking up the stairs made me out of breath, I’m much better now, I don’t have the perfect body but I am happy to say I’m in good health xxx

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  2. My mom and dad always told me it was the hardest job in the world. Meaning that its a lifetime 24/7 lifestyle IF OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE COMPLETELY INVESTED IN YOUR CHILD. However time consuming or challenging it’s dedinately worth it.

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    • Yep 100% and there’s no way that I regret any bit of it! But there are people out there that treat their kids like shit and I really don’t understand how they can do so 🤷‍♀️💓


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