Christmas with a toddler.

Ever picture the perfect Christmas with your child/children?
The mum & dad actually together, writing lists on what to get the child, One of the parents cooking the Christmas dinner or going round to one of the families/The families coming to you for Christmas.
Well that’s how I had visioned my first Christmas, But its no surprise that again this year I’m doing it single handed. (Well not totally alone I have my family).
The Christmas decks are up, the presents under the tree sitting there nicely and then all of a sudden a toddler comes along and pulls it down… Yep I thought that this year would have been Jake as he isn’t a newborn anymore (Sad face) and he is more aware than ever! But he’s been nothing but great, Touched the tree a few times as it’s fibre optic so he’s been fascinated with the colours of the lights.

Even though some parts of Christmas didn’t go too smoothly I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Seeing the look on your child’s face when they have new toys to play with is just the most amazing moment ever and I wouldn’t change it.

Here’s some photo’s below of what went down on my Christmas, What happened on yours? and what was your best part? Mine was seeing Jake’s smile even though he’s had a cold. Oh and also the turkey dinner!


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