Why I Let My 22 Month Old Play With IPad/Phones.

6 Months old ⬇️

19 Months old⬇️

Never did I ever think that I will be letting my son play on an iPad at such a young age, I always knew that he was going to explore new things but never did I think I had to give up my iPad to a 22 Month old child. In this day and age there’s a lot of stigma against parents letting their child use electronics at such a young age but it’s not the 90’s anymore, Sometimes we have to let things go and move on and accept change is going to happen no matter what year we are in. 

The reason why I’m shedding some light on this topic is because having your child using and iPad, iPhone whatever electronic device you have there’s always going to be a positive reason to letting your child play with that device and there’s always going to be a negative, But whether if its a toy or an electronic device you will always get that person looking at you thinking “That child is way to young” For example as Easter is nearby I bought Jake a big kinder egg the one that has the batman toys in and the woman serving me practically told me that if the toy is for my child then he’s too young for it even though the reason why I bought the egg wasn’t for the toy but lets not get into that story. The age that Jake started to use an iPad was at 6 months old, Now people reading this will say “that’s too young” or “You’re joking?”, Believe me I wish I was. I always had it in my head that Jake will reach 5 years old and want to use iPads etc. And I have always been open for him to use them with certain rules set in place.

So shall we look at the pros & cons?

1. It makes him happy
2. Its helping him with his development i.e. He’s learning new words everyday, he’s learning how to count, he’s learning his ABC. The mixture of nursery & the iPad has helped Jake’s speech come along way!.
3. It gives us parents a bit of a break especially us single parents that just want 5 minutes to ourselves, that certain programme you want to watch but you cant because you’re stuck watching paw patrol or peppa pig!.
4. It can strengthen the bond between you and your child by playing learning games that your child is going to benefit from it, e.g. you ask your child ‘what colour the ball is’ or ‘what sound does a duck make’.

1. It can bring out the devil in them, e.g. if you don’t set a time frame for your child  and when it comes to taking the iPad away the tantrums begin.
2.If the usage becomes too frequent it can be used as a bribe such as if your child is  bugging you at a time that isn’t convenient as you’re on the phone to pay a bill and you cant hear the person on the phone then out comes the iPad.
3. If your child is a toy thrower then I strongly advise that there is some sort of hardback case.
4. Some things on the iPad aren’t for little eyes, Such as you have to be so careful that if they’re on YouTube. What are they watching and is it actually beneficial to their learning?

Do I want my child playing on the iPad at such a young age? No.
But has it taught him loads? Yes.