A Letter to my Grandad.

To my Grandad, My bestfriend. I want you to know that just because you’re not here doesn’t mean I don’t think of you, Nor do I not talk about you.
I think about you all day everyday no matter what I’m doing, You passing has been the hardest thing to do in my life. I thought having a child was difficult but this just appears to be that little bit harder. The last time I saw you, You was so full of life whether you was in the hospital or not, You was still laughing even though you was in pain, You was still running around making Jake laugh even though you was in pain. The pain didn’t determine what you did or how you felt because you wouldn’t let it and admire you so much more for that! The last conversation we had was you told me how proud you was of me for bringing Jake up single handed, You was proud of the little boy Jake had turned into because of me, I will never forget that smile you put on my face for saying that. When I told you that I love you for the last time I knew you loved me back because I heard you breathing, You didn’t have to say anything because I knew it already. Everything you did for me I will never be able to thank you enough but I can promise you I will continue to make you proud of me and everything I do from now on is for you!
Fly high!❤️

So the 28th of April I found out that my grandad, my best friend, the man who use to carry me around car boot sales (yes they were fun back in the day only because I was there for the bouncy Castles and ice cream!). The man who took me to feed the ducks. Well he had cancer, what type you ask? The one where you couldn’t come back from. He was 66 and had bowel, liver and lung cancer. Never in my life did I think that at 23 years old I would have to deal with my grandad dying. He was suppose to watch jake grow up, he was suppose to take jake round the car boot sales, to feed the ducks, to do the same things with Jake as what he did with me.

On Saturday 5th of may my grandad passed. He couldn’t talk on the phone so I did the talking for him, I told him I love him and I always will and that he could beat anything.
Half an hour after I told him… He died.

I know you are watching over Me & Jake and I will see you again… One day!😇


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