Five things.

Having a child no matter whether you’re a young mum or an older mum it’s always an adjustment, It has a huge impact on your life day to day and yourself as a person it also changes for those around you.
Remember when you loved that person?,  Well this is a different kind of love, it’s a much more stronger love.

I have been through so many up’s and down’s whilst being a mum.
And they say the first year of marriage is hard, I’ll let you people work that one out.
Although some of the changes have been difficult they’ve also been amazing, But that’s all part of the journey right?
So what’s changed for me?, Keep reading to find out.

1. Nothing is as easy going.
Remember when you went shopping got the bits you wanted and then left with no hassle what so ever?, That’s changed because everything is slower. All you hear is screaming and your child trying to get out of the trolley.

2. No rest for the wicked.
Remember when you went out for that family meal, There was peace and quiet everything went well. All you hear now is screaming again, the sound of food hitting the floor because they don’t want it or find it amusing. Or they’re falling asleep on you as soon as the food arrives so you have to either wait for someone else to finish then eat yours cold or eat with one hand.

3. The 2 minute shower.
When you’re not a mum you can spend as long as you like in the shower for example my sister without a doubt easily spends half hour to 45 minutes in there, Me on the other hand either has to have an audience or share just to get that little extra time in there

4. Needing to have a back bone.
Many people out there will give you plenty of looks if your child was to kick off in the middle of the restaurant or in the shop etc. Especially when people want to give their input then you have to just ignore it and walk away!.

5.Enjoying your time.
Them moments with your son/s or daughter/s is priceless so forget what everyone says and just enjoy your time with your child/children.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
What have you learnt about having a baby/toddler?  


You know when… 

My boy Jake is now 14 Months old, Yep that's right he's a toddler so here's 10 points on what its like to live with a toddler!.

  1. You can't go to the toilet in peace nor can you shower, He always has to be there and if he see's that bathroom door shut you may aswell flush yourself down there!
  2. You know that peace and quiet you longed for? Well that's now turned into paranoia the minute it's too quiet you know they're up to no good.
  3. That alarm clock you keep setting? Well I wouldn't bother because you have your very own little alarm clock… your child.
  4. You cant get around the house without opening and closing a stair gate.
  5. The washing pile seems never ending. A clean too goes on and then comes off two seconds after because there's food, drink or dribble down it. Either that or they're helping you empty the dirty clothing all over the floor.
  6. No matter how many times you tidy your house it always looks a mess.
  7. If you think you can eat your dinner hot then you're wrong, You're too busy either feeding your child or stopping them from chucking the food on the floor or in my case stopping my child from chucking himself out of his high hair!

  8. You say 'NO' at least 100 times a day.

  9. You can't find your phone, shoes etc because your lovely child has hidden them.

  10. After all that though the best part of having a toddler is the hugs when you dont have to ask for them.

So that's how I know I have a toddler, What about you?.
How do you know you are living with a toddler? .



21st April 2017. Our New Home.

So this is totally a ‘Dear Diary’ Moment. (Does anyone even still have a diary?).

The day had finally come when it was time I could look for mine and Jake’s own home.
He would have his own bedroom, a little routine, a place he can bring his friends when he is older, a place he can grow up to call home.
So after 3 dreadful viewings the time had come to view one more place and this for me was make or break as my luck, well I wasn’t feeling very lucky with all the places me and my dad had viewed. They were either too small, too grubby or just not safe for Jake. Lets just say nothing jumped out to grab me and say this is the one you will be happy in. Until Monday 13th March 2017 when I viewed a 2 bedroom house, privately let with a quiet neighbourhood not to mention its a 10 minute walk from my parents house, 1 minute walk to the shops aswell as the beach! Bonus!.
When I went into view the place with my mum, dad & Jake I took one look at the front room and thought yes I want to live here, I want to bring my child up here, So after looking at the rest of the house I took the forms to the car filled them out got my paperwork that they needed took it down to the estate agents paid the fee and then boom on Wednesday 15th March 2017 I got the phone call that I had dread waiting for because I’m prone to having nothing but bad news but nope this was good news and oh my god it felt so good to have someone say to you, You got your perfect house!. I can finally be proud of myself and what I have achieved and hope that Jake will also be proud of me too. Here’s a few pictures showing mine and Jakes new home!⬇️

Friday 21st April 2017 is the day that me and Jake finally got our happy ever after and start our journey as a family together, Just me and him.

Yes I will miss living with my family, Yes I am very grateful for all the help they have provided me since I have had Jake, But I am also scared for Jake as for him growing up to have to understand about my epilepsy as I do not wish for him to see me having a seizure, For a young kid to experience is very frightening and confusing but again we will have to cross that bridge when it comes to it. (What does that even mean?)
But overall will I miss the arguments within my parents household? No!.