5 reasons for toddler tantrums. 

If anyone has a toddler they will understand the tantrums or 'the terrible two's' its known best for. Yes Jake is 14 Months old and he thinks he's two already.If you don't know what 'the terrible two's' are it's where your child can go from happy Larry to Horrid Henry within seconds! Can't say that I'm … Continue reading 5 reasons for toddler tantrums. 

My Mental Health

DISCLAIMER: For those that read this post need to be aware that this contains topics that may be triggering. It was January 2015 the year I got diagnosed with (BPD) Borderline personality disorder, Depression and Anxiety. For those that don't know what BPD is it's where I struggle with the following...  worried about people abandoning … Continue reading My Mental Health

Q & A: How I Told My Parents That I Was Pregnant.

So this post is in relation to again we all know her very well by now and if you don't then her name is Leah Prescott, She has recently done a Q&A over on her blog about how she told her family about her pregnancy and is giving advice to those who are pregnant and … Continue reading Q & A: How I Told My Parents That I Was Pregnant.