Mummy’s aren’t allowed to be sick.

Fever chills, terrible cough, I’m definitely taking a sick day…
Oh wait, Never mind I’m a mum.

Why is it that us mum’s are never allowed to be ill? Failing that even if we have a headache we’re not allowed too. Being an epileptic mother it can go downhill very quickly for me, But the most common question I get from people is what do you do about your child then? well here is what I do if I am unwell and a few tips for you if you don’t already do them that it is…⬇️

  • Don’t get too carried away with the housework that so badly needs doing, do it bit by bit or do the day after. I’m sure one day off won’t hurt right?
  • That routine you got going on? chuck that out of the window for one day as I let Jake eat when he wants and what he wants(not that I don’t let him already but there’s not routine involved) same goes for the tv & iPad. I find that when I’m not well if Jake is entertained and quiet then its a win win situation.
  • Your sofa is your bed for the day, grab your duvet, your child & chill. Sometimes chucking on a movie or a favourite programme that you and your child can sit and watch and spend time together cant be a bad move but I will NOT watch baby tv any longer!
  • Takeaways become your bestfriend.

An important reminder to yourself is and especially if you’re a single parent like myself, DO NOT feel guilty and you are NOT a bad mum just because your child didn’t get their set meals at the set times they usually have it or your child is constantly eating chocolate biscuits and watching endless amounts of tv. People need to remember that we cant all have super powers.


Five stupid things I’ve said.

We all know how annoying it can be to receive parenting advice especially from people who don’t have kids yet, Even if they mean well.
But what about the advice and promises we made ourselves before becoming a mother.
I have put together five stupid things I have said to people and myself and not stuck to it. Enjoy!

  1. My child will NOT be using technology till he is old enough to know what is what…Well guess what he uses the iPad, He uses my phone and he is only 16 months old.
  2. I will love spending time with my child all day everyday.
    Uhm… As much as I love spending time with Jake He’s at that age where he wont listen no matter how much you repeat yourself. So a break every now and then is definitely due but the only time I have apart from Jake is 4 Hours twice a week when he’s at nursery.
  3. Life will be easy and perfect when I have a baby.
    Far bloody from it. There’s always drama’s not with the child but with people wanting to see my child or whoever don’t bother with my child.
  4. I’m scared of my child making a scene in public.
    If your child is going to throw tantrum in public then they’re going to, If they’re going to sit/lay scream in the middle of a supermarket they will.
  5. I don’t want to be a stay at home mum.
    My plan after my maternity leave was up was that I was going to go back to work not because I didn’t want to be around Jake but because I wanted to show him that nothing in life is free and that you have to work for it but that got cut short as I was sacked whilst on maternity leave so once Jake turns 4/5 I will then do what I have always wanted to do and that is find a job in writing!.

What things have you thought or mentioned to other people and have not stuck to it?

What does being a single mother mean?

Before I get into the post a few things need to be said.
Even though I am a single mum I am talking from my experience’s as a single mum I don’t mean harm to all men and look at them as the same. To the men that stuck around thumbs up to you!.

Being a mum is hard. But being a single mum that’s a different story. It can be difficult at times because you’re responsible for whatever happens to your child/children.
You’re there all day and all night, you pay for the food that goes on that table, the clothes, shoes that they need because they’ve out grown, the nursery fee’s, the roof over their head that you’ve provided. All that is just a start and imagine only doing that on one income. Jake’s dad does provide but lets just say its only enough to buy a couple of packets of nappies so you can imagine the struggle I still have.

But even though us single mums have to put up with the good and bad, even if the situation wasn’t what you wanted or even thought would happen to you, you still march through it… So why are single mums judged? Why are single mums given a bad name? because I would happily say to the people that judge “If you want to give it a go, Be my guest”. You wouldn’t even last an hour.
But being a single mum isn’t a bad thing, Just means you get your child/children to yourself. Them cuddles that you use to get jealous over because ‘dad’ would get them well now you get them.

Being a single mum means you give up the whole of you. I don’t get the partner coming home at 5pm wanting to bath the child just so I can chill out after doing the dinner. I never got help during the night because the child was teething and I never go out for fun because I don’t have the time too. The only time I get time to myself is when my child is at nursery 4 hours for 2 days a week and even then I’m doing the housework.

So why should us single mums get the dirty looks, the whole ‘Shouldn’t have kids if you cant handle them’. For me I didn’t choose not to have Jake’s dad around, He chose that himself. Us single mums are allowed good and bad days. 

For all the single mums out there we should be given some credit because at least we stuck around and would do anything for our child/children.

The Mummy Tag

I have decided to do the ‘Mummy Tag’ for those of you out there that want to get to know me a little bit better and to make it more fun I have tagged three lovely mummies to join in too.

If you want to join the lovely mummies elsewhere their social media’s etc. will be below.


Suhani Suri:


So lets get started

Are you a stay at home mum or a working mum?
I am a stay at home mum due to being sacked whilst on maternity.
Until Jake goes to school then I am going to what I love best and pop myself back to college and get qualifications in writing!.

Do you co sleep?
No I do not, I do not have any problems with it. If you want to co sleep with your child you do that. Jake use to co sleep a little before he was one but then he out grew it and will only sleep in his cot, whether he will do it once he’s in a big boy bed we will see.

Would you have it any other way?
Nope I love my little boy and he’s such a little character.

What is your one must have item for your child?
Dummy definitely the damn dummy! I don’t allow Jake to have his dummy throughout the day as I want his speech to progress but there’s always 1 or 10 laying around just in case he becomes moody. Oh he also hides them when he knows he’s not meant to have it throughout the day.

How many kids do you plan on having?
I’ve always said that I just want the one but I really do want Jake to have a brother or sister preferably a sister but wouldn’t be fussed with either but if don’t get the chance to have another one then I’m lucky enough to have Jake.

Date Night? How many nights/days do you go out?
Single mummy so I don’t.

Your child’s favourite show?
Baby tv.

Name one thing you bought before you had your child and never used it?
Johnsons baby lotion, Never used that due to Jake having sensitive skin so had to leave the 6 bottles that was bought for me at Jake’s baby shower and had to buy a different cream.

Your child’s favourite food?
Spaghetti bolognaise

How many cars does your family have?

Dream holiday with your child?
It’s between Disney land or centre parcs.

How has your life changed since your child has been born?
My mental health has changed for the better even though I still get days where it is difficult, I’ve learned to live in the moment and forget about everything else because it doesn’t matter to me anymore only the well-being of my boy Jake.

Finish the following sentence… ‘It makes my heart melt to see…
To see Jake smiling and laughing! Best feeling ever!.

Where do you shop for your child?
Clothes wise Tesco F&F clothing range seems to fit well on Jake as they are true to their sizing. Food shop more than likely to be Morrison’s as they have the perfect meals for one, But if im lazy then it’s more than likely to just be Tesco.

Favourite make up and skincare product?
My make up fluctuates from urban decay, jeffree star and nyx.
Skincare is from the brand ‘Simple’ i.e. simple micellar water.

Huggies or pampers?
Again It tends to fluctuate between the two but 9/10 it would just be pampers.

Have you always wanted a child?
Being totally honest here. No.
I didn’t want children to begin with not because I didn’t but because I was scared more than anything… The blood, The birth, The pain etc.. But then I thought no I do so I ‘manned up’ and just went with the flow.

Best part about being a mum?
Knowing that I have made something amazing, a child that will love me back, a child that will always look up to me, to always need me.

Baby Names I Loved

Baby Names I love but wont be using.
So this post has been doing the rounds and I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and give my input. (As usual).

We should all know by now that I have a boy called Jake and If you haven’t seen the post of how I named my boy Jake then you can check out the post here.
So here it is my baby names that I wont be using, Lets start with the boys shall we…

– Thomas.
Even though I liked this name and I would like to use the nickname ‘tommy’ I just couldn’t because at the time I had a manager called ‘Tom’ and it would just remind me of work.

– Michael.
I liked this name because it’s my dads middle name not only that my favourite singer is Michael Buble but I also loved the nickname ‘Mikey’.

– Ronnie.
Because I’m absolutely in love with this name and was planning to use it for my second child if I had a boy but don’t think I will be that’s all I can say.

– Henley.
Well I like this name but it put me off abit because of the popular clothing brand that everyone had when I was at school. ‘Henley’s clothing’.

– Aurora
Well we can always dream about having our very own princess.

– Darcie.
Again I was going to use this for my second child if I was going to have a little girl but wont be having anymore kids.

So it’s not a long list but they are some of my favourites!.
What are yours?

Five things.

Having a child no matter whether you’re a young mum or an older mum it’s always an adjustment, It has a huge impact on your life day to day and yourself as a person it also changes for those around you.
Remember when you loved that person?,  Well this is a different kind of love, it’s a much more stronger love.

I have been through so many up’s and down’s whilst being a mum.
And they say the first year of marriage is hard, I’ll let you people work that one out.
Although some of the changes have been difficult they’ve also been amazing, But that’s all part of the journey right?
So what’s changed for me?, Keep reading to find out.

1. Nothing is as easy going.
Remember when you went shopping got the bits you wanted and then left with no hassle what so ever?, That’s changed because everything is slower. All you hear is screaming and your child trying to get out of the trolley.

2. No rest for the wicked.
Remember when you went out for that family meal, There was peace and quiet everything went well. All you hear now is screaming again, the sound of food hitting the floor because they don’t want it or find it amusing. Or they’re falling asleep on you as soon as the food arrives so you have to either wait for someone else to finish then eat yours cold or eat with one hand.

3. The 2 minute shower.
When you’re not a mum you can spend as long as you like in the shower for example my sister without a doubt easily spends half hour to 45 minutes in there, Me on the other hand either has to have an audience or share just to get that little extra time in there

4. Needing to have a back bone.
Many people out there will give you plenty of looks if your child was to kick off in the middle of the restaurant or in the shop etc. Especially when people want to give their input then you have to just ignore it and walk away!.

5.Enjoying your time.
Them moments with your son/s or daughter/s is priceless so forget what everyone says and just enjoy your time with your child/children.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
What have you learnt about having a baby/toddler?  

5 reasons for toddler tantrums. 

If anyone has a toddler they will understand the tantrums or 'the terrible two's' its known best for. Yes Jake is 14 Months old and he thinks he's two already.

If you don't know what 'the terrible two's' are it's where your child can go from happy Larry to Horrid Henry within seconds! Can't say that I'm enjoying it much as you never know what's gonna happen next, Also what the hell do you do whilst they're throwing themselves around on the floor? Do you leave them to it?, comfort them?, tell them off?. The best part of these 'tantrums' is that they're always when you're out in public and you're getting death stares from people because your child is screaming and crying the place down, rarely do they happen when we're indoors.

Anyway enough of me rambling on here are 5 points.

1. They can be very sensitive. I told Jake he wasn't allowed my real techniques miracle complexion sponge after him grabbing it, putting it in his mouth (No I did not use it after and no he didn't bite into the sponge). So he just threw himself to the floor crying and screaming.

2. Jake keeps banging on all the glass within the house. My mum has tortoises and jake is fascinated by them when I say fascinated I mean obsessed! He's always over by their cage if not then banging on the glass to wake them up (Don't worry no animals are harmed!). And if it's not the tortoises then it's the glass cabinet with my mums ornaments in… Big NO!

3. He keeps pushing the pushchair into things & people in public!

4. Jake keeps standing up in the bath wanting to walk and I have to make him understand that he has to sit otherwise he will slip. He just smiles at me as if he doesn't understand.

5. Biting me & only me! (Swear he hates me) only kidding! So jakes still teething at the moment but this time he's expecting the rest of his teeth… yes as in the rest of the top and lower teeth, they're coming in one after the other so as you can expect he's gonna be grumpy anyway but Jake shows me he needs medicine by biting me but all he seems to do when I tell him that it's not okay to bite his mummy he either smiles or squeals, yep that's right squeals! Something I'm trying to get him out of!

Anyway if you've read till the end then thankyou for reading, also if you're a mum with a child that throws tantrums non stop at the moment what sort of things are they really not happy about?