First haircut 

13 Months and 19 Days… That’s the correct term isn’t it?
When people ask how old my son is I always feel awkward and just say “One”, I feel like this because there are so many people I have come across that get annoyed when you say my child is “13 months old”.
Anyway on Monday 3rd July 2017 my son had his first haircut, I finally felt it was necessary and plucked up the courage and Jake finally had enough hair to get it cut. Although I was very sceptical to getting my babies beautiful curly locks cut.
The worse part about getting your first child’s haircut for me was my anxiety and was very stressed because
1. I didn’t want them to mess his hair up.
2. I was scared that Jake wasn’t going to sit still and they would slip up.
3. He’s scared of the barbering clippers and yes he did freak out at the end.

Luckily for me I got to hold Jake whilst he was having his haircut as he fell asleep a few minutes before being ready to get it cut. It was only till the end that he woke up and freaked out when he heard the clippers, This was to neaten up the sides and back.

My advice to a first time mum scared or worried of getting their child’s first haircut would be don’t freak out, don’t stress out because these people are professional’s, they’ve dealt with much worse, older kids throwing hissy fits etc. you name it.
Here is a picture of the transformation my baby Jake has gone through.

Jake as a baby⬇️

Jake before his haircut⬇️

Jake after his haircut⬇️

So that was my experience with a first haircut, What was yours?