One Year & Five Months Old.

I thought I would do something fun and different… For me anyway.
I thought this post would be nice to look over pictures and see how much my son has grown and changed into the little lad he is today.

So Here’s a look back from the first day, months to now of what ‘Baby Jake’ looks like!.

Day One…

One Month Old

Two months Old

Three months old

Four months old

Five months old

Six months old

Seven months old

Eight months old

Nine months old

Ten months old

Eleven months old

One Years Old

One year & One month old

One year & Two months old

One year & Three months old

One year & Four months old

One year & Five months old

So there we have it ‘Baby Jake’ – ‘Little Man Jake’ And a catch he is!


What does being a single mother mean?

Before I get into the post a few things need to be said.
Even though I am a single mum I am talking from my experience’s as a single mum I don’t mean harm to all men and look at them as the same. To the men that stuck around thumbs up to you!.

Being a mum is hard. But being a single mum that’s a different story. It can be difficult at times because you’re responsible for whatever happens to your child/children.
You’re there all day and all night, you pay for the food that goes on that table, the clothes, shoes that they need because they’ve out grown, the nursery fee’s, the roof over their head that you’ve provided. All that is just a start and imagine only doing that on one income. Jake’s dad does provide but lets just say its only enough to buy a couple of packets of nappies so you can imagine the struggle I still have.

But even though us single mums have to put up with the good and bad, even if the situation wasn’t what you wanted or even thought would happen to you, you still march through it… So why are single mums judged? Why are single mums given a bad name? because I would happily say to the people that judge “If you want to give it a go, Be my guest”. You wouldn’t even last an hour.
But being a single mum isn’t a bad thing, Just means you get your child/children to yourself. Them cuddles that you use to get jealous over because ‘dad’ would get them well now you get them.

Being a single mum means you give up the whole of you. I don’t get the partner coming home at 5pm wanting to bath the child just so I can chill out after doing the dinner. I never got help during the night because the child was teething and I never go out for fun because I don’t have the time too. The only time I get time to myself is when my child is at nursery 4 hours for 2 days a week and even then I’m doing the housework.

So why should us single mums get the dirty looks, the whole ‘Shouldn’t have kids if you cant handle them’. For me I didn’t choose not to have Jake’s dad around, He chose that himself. Us single mums are allowed good and bad days. 

For all the single mums out there we should be given some credit because at least we stuck around and would do anything for our child/children.

Sunshine Blogger Award.

I have been tagged by the lovely Leah down below is where to find her and you can also read her post here


The rules are that you recognise the blogger(s) that nominate you and answer the questions given for you in their post and then nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions.

So here we go, If you want to see the answers to the questions that have been left for me then keep reading…

1. Who is someone who changed your life in positive way and how?
Jake. For those who don’t know who Jake is he is my son. He’s changed my outlook on life and I have learned how to love again.

2. What is your favourite Disney movie and why?
Really? You’re going to get me started on this!…
Well if anyone knows me well then they will know ‘The aristocats’ is my favourite, Marie is my favourite character and I am however a tad obsessed. I have 6 teddies one of those I have had since I was one years old and no I have not let go of it, Yes im 23 and I still sleep with a teddy that I’d happily own up to and I am not shy of it! (Enter awkward laughter). I have 6 mugs (Yet to keep collecting), the pyjamas and socks too.

3. What is the first childhood memory that pops into your head?
Not the best of memories I want to remember but it’s the only one I can remember… Being taken to the hospital to have a brain scan at the age of 7 to be diagnosed for epilepsy.

4. If you had £1,000,000 what would you do with it?
If I had no worries in the world then I would move back to Essex, get my own house and live there.
But reality is to buy my own house where I am , get passports for myself and my family and take Jake to Disney world.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Dreaming again… But I would like to think I have a proper family by then.
The boyfriend/husband, The sibling for Jake and to have a job in writing.

 6. Do appearances play some importance to you?
In some ways yes, In others no. If i know someone and i like their personality then the looks etc. wouldn’t matter.
But for example it was a random add and they liked the look of me but i didn’t think the same about them I’d still talk to them and make effort but I’d make it clear that I’m not interested in them other than friendship.

7. What was the last text message you received?
From my dad and it was a picture of Jake.

8. Where would you like to visit the most in the world?
Take my son to Disney World.

9. What is the best holiday you have ever been on and why?
I haven’t been anywhere apart from the Isle of Wight & Essex.

10. Are you missing anyone right now?
My other family in Essex.

11. What are your top 3 baby girl and top 3 baby boy names?
I have a list of baby names for boys & girls in a post of it’s own so if you would like to know then you can read more into it here   
But boys… Michael, Ronnie & Henley.
Girls I only have 2 which is Darcie & Aurora.

The people I tag to do this…

And your questions are below…
1. Name 3 Life goals you want to achieve.
2. One thing or person that makes you laugh.
3. If you could go back in time to when & why?
4. Name one celeb you fancy.
5. 3 words to describe yourself.
6. What’s your worse habit?
7. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
8. If you had a superpower what would it be?
9. What is your favourite tv show?
10. Morning person or Evening & why?
11.What actress/actor would you choose to play you in a film & why?


Ten lessons That Motherhood Has Taught Me.

I would say I have learnt a lot from Jake, He was born over a year ago now and I’m still learning. But I cant imagine my life without Jake at all now, Even if I’m thinking of what my life was like before Jake all I can think of now is Jake. Anyway I’m going to keep things nice and short in this post and just tell you the 10 things Jake has taught me.

  1. That wall you have built, Knock it down and wear your heart on your sleeve.
    Accept how you are feeling and express it.
  2. Give everyone a chance and if they’ve already had one give them another one.
  3. Kids come with their own minds. They will do what they want whenever they want and there’s nothing you can do about it. Yes that’s right lady in the café I want Jake to stop throwing his food on the floor too.
  4. Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak. It actually means you’re still thinking straight.
  5. It’s ok to break the rules sometimes… You got to keep your sanity right?
  6. Taking naps can fix a lot of things, Your child is annoying you? Send them to bed. Your child is having a tantrum? Send them to bed. 9/10 they’re tired.
  7. Toddlers have selective hearing. From calling them over nicely to telling them off because they’re doing something wrong, Yep Jake never does anything wrong.
  8. You’re slowly turning into your mum. Remember when she counted down to 5?
  9. Appreciate the small things in life, Including the small mini me too.
  10. Children have CCTV cameras built into them I swear!, You want to go to sleep? They will wake up, You want to have a shower?, they will wake up. Trust me, they know!

There it is ten things I’ve learnt. What have you learnt?

The Mummy Tag

I have decided to do the ‘Mummy Tag’ for those of you out there that want to get to know me a little bit better and to make it more fun I have tagged three lovely mummies to join in too.

If you want to join the lovely mummies elsewhere their social media’s etc. will be below.


Suhani Suri:


So lets get started

Are you a stay at home mum or a working mum?
I am a stay at home mum due to being sacked whilst on maternity.
Until Jake goes to school then I am going to what I love best and pop myself back to college and get qualifications in writing!.

Do you co sleep?
No I do not, I do not have any problems with it. If you want to co sleep with your child you do that. Jake use to co sleep a little before he was one but then he out grew it and will only sleep in his cot, whether he will do it once he’s in a big boy bed we will see.

Would you have it any other way?
Nope I love my little boy and he’s such a little character.

What is your one must have item for your child?
Dummy definitely the damn dummy! I don’t allow Jake to have his dummy throughout the day as I want his speech to progress but there’s always 1 or 10 laying around just in case he becomes moody. Oh he also hides them when he knows he’s not meant to have it throughout the day.

How many kids do you plan on having?
I’ve always said that I just want the one but I really do want Jake to have a brother or sister preferably a sister but wouldn’t be fussed with either but if don’t get the chance to have another one then I’m lucky enough to have Jake.

Date Night? How many nights/days do you go out?
Single mummy so I don’t.

Your child’s favourite show?
Baby tv.

Name one thing you bought before you had your child and never used it?
Johnsons baby lotion, Never used that due to Jake having sensitive skin so had to leave the 6 bottles that was bought for me at Jake’s baby shower and had to buy a different cream.

Your child’s favourite food?
Spaghetti bolognaise

How many cars does your family have?

Dream holiday with your child?
It’s between Disney land or centre parcs.

How has your life changed since your child has been born?
My mental health has changed for the better even though I still get days where it is difficult, I’ve learned to live in the moment and forget about everything else because it doesn’t matter to me anymore only the well-being of my boy Jake.

Finish the following sentence… ‘It makes my heart melt to see…
To see Jake smiling and laughing! Best feeling ever!.

Where do you shop for your child?
Clothes wise Tesco F&F clothing range seems to fit well on Jake as they are true to their sizing. Food shop more than likely to be Morrison’s as they have the perfect meals for one, But if im lazy then it’s more than likely to just be Tesco.

Favourite make up and skincare product?
My make up fluctuates from urban decay, jeffree star and nyx.
Skincare is from the brand ‘Simple’ i.e. simple micellar water.

Huggies or pampers?
Again It tends to fluctuate between the two but 9/10 it would just be pampers.

Have you always wanted a child?
Being totally honest here. No.
I didn’t want children to begin with not because I didn’t but because I was scared more than anything… The blood, The birth, The pain etc.. But then I thought no I do so I ‘manned up’ and just went with the flow.

Best part about being a mum?
Knowing that I have made something amazing, a child that will love me back, a child that will always look up to me, to always need me.

Baby Names I Loved

Baby Names I love but wont be using.
So this post has been doing the rounds and I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and give my input. (As usual).

We should all know by now that I have a boy called Jake and If you haven’t seen the post of how I named my boy Jake then you can check out the post here.
So here it is my baby names that I wont be using, Lets start with the boys shall we…

– Thomas.
Even though I liked this name and I would like to use the nickname ‘tommy’ I just couldn’t because at the time I had a manager called ‘Tom’ and it would just remind me of work.

– Michael.
I liked this name because it’s my dads middle name not only that my favourite singer is Michael Buble but I also loved the nickname ‘Mikey’.

– Ronnie.
Because I’m absolutely in love with this name and was planning to use it for my second child if I had a boy but don’t think I will be that’s all I can say.

– Henley.
Well I like this name but it put me off abit because of the popular clothing brand that everyone had when I was at school. ‘Henley’s clothing’.

– Aurora
Well we can always dream about having our very own princess.

– Darcie.
Again I was going to use this for my second child if I was going to have a little girl but wont be having anymore kids.

So it’s not a long list but they are some of my favourites!.
What are yours?

Does you hair determine how you feel about your looks?

I’m writing this post because currently I have had a hair dilemma. I did have short hair and no matter what I did to look after it, it would only grow so much over a year. I guess you could say that it is my fault because the first ever time I dyed my hair was when I was 13 years old, It was just the ‘purple’ but as I grew older I discovered ‘bleach’.
Yep that’s right I completely ruined my hair but then I stopped dying it for a good few years and it started to grow but not anymore.
Anyway having short hair did make me so miserable but now I have had my hair done, yep I’ve gone back to having extensions but instead of the ‘Glue In’s’, I now have micro-bead. Down below are the before and after pictures.⬇️

The reason for this change is because without the longer hair I myself personally feel fat and ugly and I was fed up with feeling like this so I thought I’d make the change.
To anyone who thinks I am ‘attention seeking’ then so be it as this isn’t the case. I do have a battle with eating might not look it but that is one of my biggest demons. Anyway…

Now that I have rambled on for a while, Joining me in this post are five lovely ladies giving their input on what makes them feel better about having good long/short hair.
I gave these five lovely ladies 5 questions and here are their answers.


  1. Do you have long/short hair?My hair is very long and thick.
  2. How does having long/short hair affect you? I.E body image.Everyone knows me as the girl with long beautiful hair. Because of this I feel scared to ever cut it.
  3. Do you think you look skinnier with longer hair?I’ve never really considered this but I can see how long hair could be slimming.
  4. Does having longer hair make you feel more confident?Long hair gives me confidence because having long hair is my comfort zone and I usually get a lot of compliments.
  5. Is hair all about the way you look? if it is then why? and what makes you feel better when you have good hair days?As long as my hair looks decent I am happy. It is not the main focus of my appearance for me. I think it is more important to have a beautiful face and original fashion style! 


  1. Do you have long/short hair?I’d have to say in-between!, My hair is almost past my boobs, (That’s a measurement now haha). But I wouldn’t say it’s super long.
  2. How does having long/short hair affect you? I.E body image.For me, the length of my hair changes how I look, but not how I feel about myself which is really important for me, I have had both short and long hair as well as everything in-between and the only thing that ever changes with my hair is the shape of my face! I have a long face to start with, but with long hair it looks longer and when I have short hair is looks rounder (And slightly chubbier haha!)
  3. Do you think you look skinnier with longer hair?Definitely! I used to have short hair, a bob that stopped at my chin and looking back at photos I hate it. It made my face look so chubby where as having longer hair helps to slim it out.The shape of my face means that having long hair helps to stop it from looking round and more chubby.
  4. Does having longer hair make you feel more confident?I know I just said I hated how I looked with short hair and I do, but back then I loved how I looked with it, so personally I don’t think having longer hair makes me feel more confident. It just depends on how I feel like having my hair and currently I prefer it longer. However in 6 months I could chop it all off and still just feel as confident!.
  5. Is hair all about the way you look? if it is then why? and what makes you feel better when you have good hair days?For me, My hair is the last thing I think about when I look at how I look! That is probably because it looks the same every single day. It’s naturally straight and very flat as I’m too lazy to properly style it everyday I have just accepted that is the way I look. As a result of my laziness it’s very rare I have good hair days because every day is just the same, Maybe I should go wild and curl it one day haha.


1. Do you have long/short hair?
I’d say it’s in the middle of the two. Not short, but not as long as I’d like!
2.How does having long/short hair affect you? I.E body image.
3.Do you think you look skinnier with longer hair?
4.Does having longer hair make you feel more confident?
So I’ve combined this answer for questions 2, 3 and 4.
The length of your hair and how it’s styled can dramatically increase or decrease your confidence. It completely changes my face shape. I’d love to go for an easy chop and not have to worry about so much hair to dry (such a long and boring process might I add) but I really don’t think short would suit me. I have quite a round head, so having longer hair helps give the illusion that I have a narrower face.
5. Is hair all about the way you look? if it is then why? and what makes you feel better when you have good hair days?
While I strongly think hair can help boost your confidence, I don’t think it’s the main contributor to how you look. As cheesy as it sounds, everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Just because they may not have the best hairstyle, does not mean you should allow it to cloud your judgment on them.


1. Do you have long/short hair?
I would say I have mid length hair, I’m trying to grow it out so it is long but it takes a while and I want my hair to be healthy more than anything else.
2. How does having long/short hair affect you? I.E body image.
I had short hair for a long time and the only way it affected me was because I like to style my hair. When I have long hair I feel more confident as there are multiple ways I can style my hair.
3. Do you think you look skinnier with longer hair?
I have quite a full face so I think having longer hair slims my face down.
4. Does having longer hair make you feel more confident?
Having longer hair definitely makes me feel more confident. I love having my hair healthy, long and I feel like my hair is probably my favourite accessory when it’s long.  
5.  Is hair all about the way you look? if it is then why? and what makes you feel better when you have good hair days?
I think having healthy shiny hair regardless of the length can be the finishing touch to any look. Having a good hair day is almost physiological, It can help contribute towards having a positive outlook.


1.Do you have long/short hair?
I would say I have medium length hair.
2. How does having long/short hair affect you? I.E body image.
I think having my hair length gives me some motivation to style it in ways to make me look more glamorous or more simple for the day.
3. Do you think you look skinnier with longer hair?
No I don’t think longer hair make you look skinnier!
4. Does having longer hair make you feel more confident?
I feel like short or long hair can make you feel more confident in yourself it’s whatever you like and whatever suits you!
5. Is hair all about the way you look? if it is then why? and what makes you feel better when you have good hair days?
I think with hair you are always going to have bad and good days but it’s not the end of the world if your ‘messy bun’ really is a messy bun! Even when I think I am having a bad hair day, people say ‘your hair looks nice like that’ I would say that just be confident and rock the hair that you’ve got!

So there you have it, If you have read till the end then thank you so much for reading and what’s your reason for why you like long/short hair?
And I would like to thank the lovely girls above for getting involved!.🙂