Five things.

Having a child no matter whether you’re a young mum or an older mum it’s always an adjustment, It has a huge impact on your life day to day and yourself as a person it also changes for those around you.
Remember when you loved that person?,  Well this is a different kind of love, it’s a much more stronger love.

I have been through so many up’s and down’s whilst being a mum.
And they say the first year of marriage is hard, I’ll let you people work that one out.
Although some of the changes have been difficult they’ve also been amazing, But that’s all part of the journey right?
So what’s changed for me?, Keep reading to find out.

1. Nothing is as easy going.
Remember when you went shopping got the bits you wanted and then left with no hassle what so ever?, That’s changed because everything is slower. All you hear is screaming and your child trying to get out of the trolley.

2. No rest for the wicked.
Remember when you went out for that family meal, There was peace and quiet everything went well. All you hear now is screaming again, the sound of food hitting the floor because they don’t want it or find it amusing. Or they’re falling asleep on you as soon as the food arrives so you have to either wait for someone else to finish then eat yours cold or eat with one hand.

3. The 2 minute shower.
When you’re not a mum you can spend as long as you like in the shower for example my sister without a doubt easily spends half hour to 45 minutes in there, Me on the other hand either has to have an audience or share just to get that little extra time in there

4. Needing to have a back bone.
Many people out there will give you plenty of looks if your child was to kick off in the middle of the restaurant or in the shop etc. Especially when people want to give their input then you have to just ignore it and walk away!.

5.Enjoying your time.
Them moments with your son/s or daughter/s is priceless so forget what everyone says and just enjoy your time with your child/children.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
What have you learnt about having a baby/toddler?  


Why do we care?

I have seen a couple of times on social media’s such as Facebook and Instagram when people upload photo’s of their child/children and they start the caption with ‘Sorry’.
I have been I guess you could say a little guilty of this as if I post more than photo of my son especially on instagram I would use the hashtag (#Babyspam) that’s my way of saying sorry for the numerous amounts of photo’s but then again what am I or we to be sorry for just because we’re sharing what us women have created, Shouldn’t we be proud and do it without having to feel guilty of blocking someone’s news feed up?

We now live in a world where we care too much about what other people think of us women as mothers in general or will that person now delete me/unfollow me because I’m becoming annoying?

I feel since having Jake don’t get me wrong to begin with. I was scared to go out with Jake because having him as a newborn I thought it would really annoy people with him crying out. For example going out for a family meal with a newborn and there’s a couple having a quiet meal wanting to eat in peace then all of a sudden a newborn cries out, that use to make me feel so uncomfortable but having Jake now as a toddler I’d wish I wasn’t so paranoid about people around him when he was a newborn as it’s much more embarrassing going out for meals with him now as he likes to look at people especially when they’re eating then the people think he’s staring at them (No he’s staring at the food!). Or he decides to put his finger up his nose!

The point is that I’m getting at is why do we care so much about what people think and should we take any notice of it?
I try not take as much notice of it but with my mental health etc. it is sometimes a battle but the most common advice I give to people is if they don’t like it then let them unfriend you/unfollow you because if they meant something to you they would have stuck around.

Just do what makes you happy, So I’m going to show you some more of what makes me happy and that’s my little boy!.

The Idea Of What Mother I Want To Be VS What I Am.

I found that when I was pregnant I had all these idea’s about what sort of mother I wanted to be, But once you’ve had the baby you begin to realise it’s all about keeping your sanity intact due to running on very little sleep and managing to get food into you as well as the baby.
One of the things that kept going round in my head was ‘I’m not going to post a million baby photo’s’. However that went straight out of the window as I do post pictures of my son 9/10 It would be something silly but I would find it hilarious that I would need to post it with everyone. But the main photo’s I post of my son is his smile, What can I say I’m a sucker for a cute smile.

The next thing I kept thinking was that I will go to the gym I will get my body back to the way it was before I had my son… WELL, It’s over a year later and I’ve been to the gym 4 or 5 times. I am loosing weight and toning my stomach with home workouts just doing it very slowly.

I’m not going to make this a long post so I will make this one my last…
I wanted Jake to be in the best routine possibly, I planned that Jake will go to bed at a sensible time then I will have time for myself. Again Jake will nap at certain times of the day then I can get things done such as housework etc…
There is no routine and when I tell people my son will go to sleep whenever he wants to usually it’s 10pm Jake will go to bed and sleep, Their faces have the look of shock that Jake stays up till then. Also with the housework most of it I can get done with Jake being awake watching baby TV but hovering around him is a different story as that’s one thing he cannot stand.

So that’s my what I thought I was going to be like VS what I am like now.
What thoughts did you have before you was going to be a mum?


5 reasons for toddler tantrums. 

If anyone has a toddler they will understand the tantrums or 'the terrible two's' its known best for. Yes Jake is 14 Months old and he thinks he's two already.

If you don't know what 'the terrible two's' are it's where your child can go from happy Larry to Horrid Henry within seconds! Can't say that I'm enjoying it much as you never know what's gonna happen next, Also what the hell do you do whilst they're throwing themselves around on the floor? Do you leave them to it?, comfort them?, tell them off?. The best part of these 'tantrums' is that they're always when you're out in public and you're getting death stares from people because your child is screaming and crying the place down, rarely do they happen when we're indoors.

Anyway enough of me rambling on here are 5 points.

1. They can be very sensitive. I told Jake he wasn't allowed my real techniques miracle complexion sponge after him grabbing it, putting it in his mouth (No I did not use it after and no he didn't bite into the sponge). So he just threw himself to the floor crying and screaming.

2. Jake keeps banging on all the glass within the house. My mum has tortoises and jake is fascinated by them when I say fascinated I mean obsessed! He's always over by their cage if not then banging on the glass to wake them up (Don't worry no animals are harmed!). And if it's not the tortoises then it's the glass cabinet with my mums ornaments in… Big NO!

3. He keeps pushing the pushchair into things & people in public!

4. Jake keeps standing up in the bath wanting to walk and I have to make him understand that he has to sit otherwise he will slip. He just smiles at me as if he doesn't understand.

5. Biting me & only me! (Swear he hates me) only kidding! So jakes still teething at the moment but this time he's expecting the rest of his teeth… yes as in the rest of the top and lower teeth, they're coming in one after the other so as you can expect he's gonna be grumpy anyway but Jake shows me he needs medicine by biting me but all he seems to do when I tell him that it's not okay to bite his mummy he either smiles or squeals, yep that's right squeals! Something I'm trying to get him out of!

Anyway if you've read till the end then thankyou for reading, also if you're a mum with a child that throws tantrums non stop at the moment what sort of things are they really not happy about?

You know when… 

My boy Jake is now 14 Months old, Yep that's right he's a toddler so here's 10 points on what its like to live with a toddler!.

  1. You can't go to the toilet in peace nor can you shower, He always has to be there and if he see's that bathroom door shut you may aswell flush yourself down there!
  2. You know that peace and quiet you longed for? Well that's now turned into paranoia the minute it's too quiet you know they're up to no good.
  3. That alarm clock you keep setting? Well I wouldn't bother because you have your very own little alarm clock… your child.
  4. You cant get around the house without opening and closing a stair gate.
  5. The washing pile seems never ending. A clean too goes on and then comes off two seconds after because there's food, drink or dribble down it. Either that or they're helping you empty the dirty clothing all over the floor.
  6. No matter how many times you tidy your house it always looks a mess.
  7. If you think you can eat your dinner hot then you're wrong, You're too busy either feeding your child or stopping them from chucking the food on the floor or in my case stopping my child from chucking himself out of his high hair!

  8. You say 'NO' at least 100 times a day.

  9. You can't find your phone, shoes etc because your lovely child has hidden them.

  10. After all that though the best part of having a toddler is the hugs when you dont have to ask for them.

So that's how I know I have a toddler, What about you?.
How do you know you are living with a toddler? .



First haircut 

13 Months and 19 Days… That’s the correct term isn’t it?
When people ask how old my son is I always feel awkward and just say “One”, I feel like this because there are so many people I have come across that get annoyed when you say my child is “13 months old”.
Anyway on Monday 3rd July 2017 my son had his first haircut, I finally felt it was necessary and plucked up the courage and Jake finally had enough hair to get it cut. Although I was very sceptical to getting my babies beautiful curly locks cut.
The worse part about getting your first child’s haircut for me was my anxiety and was very stressed because
1. I didn’t want them to mess his hair up.
2. I was scared that Jake wasn’t going to sit still and they would slip up.
3. He’s scared of the barbering clippers and yes he did freak out at the end.

Luckily for me I got to hold Jake whilst he was having his haircut as he fell asleep a few minutes before being ready to get it cut. It was only till the end that he woke up and freaked out when he heard the clippers, This was to neaten up the sides and back.

My advice to a first time mum scared or worried of getting their child’s first haircut would be don’t freak out, don’t stress out because these people are professional’s, they’ve dealt with much worse, older kids throwing hissy fits etc. you name it.
Here is a picture of the transformation my baby Jake has gone through.

Jake as a baby⬇️

Jake before his haircut⬇️

Jake after his haircut⬇️

So that was my experience with a first haircut, What was yours?


So in this post is a whole post on ME!, With a twist…
This post is a get to know more about my favourite things beginning with each letter!.

A- Apple.
no not the fruit the techno term as in their products I’m a little obsessed!. If there’s a new iPhone I have to have it, New iPad again I have to have it.

B- Bath.
Now I don’t know about you but as a mother I have found more of a love for baths as there is nothing better then ending your evening relaxing.

C- Christmas.
There’s nothing better than spending your Christmas day with your loved ones.

D- Dad.
No matter what we go through or have been through we always come out laughing again.

E- EX.
Well I think this one is self explanatory, We’ve all got one of them.

F- Feast.
Who dont love a good feast, being able to pig out on food has to put you in a good mood.

When I go It’s a good workout and it’s fun.

People say they know me best because I have a heart of gold.

I- iPhone.
My iPhone is my life, I always have it in my hand and if I dont then I panic!.

J- Jake.
My son, My life, My everything.

K- Kindness.
There’s nothing more meaningful than someone being kind to you.

L- Love.
When I love something or someone i’m dedicated, Also that feeling of being in Love can sometimes be the best or the worst, Depending the situation you’re in.

M- Mother.
You will never get another so always treat the one you got with love and respect. We dont always see eye to eye and most of the time we clash but when it’s good, it’s good.
My mum is someone that I know will always be there for me no matter the situation.

N- New clothes.
There’s nothing better than getting yourself a new outfit or your child/children.
I am obsessed with getting my son new clothes.

O- Openness.
When I do open up people know about it because I will just be full on!.

P- People.
I’m not a people a person beileve it or not.

Q- Quietness.
I live for the quiet life!.

Sometimes whether it’s a book or a blog post love abit of a read.

S- Snakes.
Snakes, Dont like them wont even go near them even if they’re in a glass container.

T- Tattoo’s.
This one has to be the easiest one I have thought of, Never typed so quick!.
I have 8 tattoo’s and planning on having more!

U- Unique.
You’ll never find someone quite like me.

V- Voice.
You know it’s me coming from afar just by the sound of my voice.

W- Walking.
Sometimes it’s good to get abit of fresh air, Especially on the days when your mind just runs away with you.

X – Cross them off.
Crossing them things off of your to do list or things of wanting to do.

Y- Yourself.
No matter what you always need you time and also to learn to love yourself.

Z- Zzzz.
Catching them Z’s. If you dont hear from me then you know i’ll be sleeping.

If you’ve read till the end then thankyou for taking the time to read this.
Doing your own A-Z is harder than it looks but why dont you give it a go, What’s your A-Z?